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Secondary & Practice Guides: Introduction & Guide Outline

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Important Note About Access to Databases

Be sure to read the Access to Databases Guide carefully before beginning your research.

Georgetown Law Library's Treatise Finder

Preeminent treatises, identified by a "gold medal," are recognized by scholars and practitioners as one of the leading authorities on a specific subject.

Study aids, identified by a light bulb, are useful resources for introduction or brushing up on a new subject specialty.

Guide Outline

  1. General Encyclopedias and Guides
  2. Topical Annotations, Selected Topics
  3. Rutter Group Practice Guides
  4. Accounting for Lawyers
  5. A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act) Practice
  6. Administrative Law
  7. Admiralty/Maritime Law
  8. Antitrust/Trade Regulation
  9. Appeals/Appellate Procedure (See also: Trial Technique/Advocacy/Jury Selection)
  10. Arbitration/Mediation
  11. Art Law
  12. Attorney Fees
  13. Automobiles/Motorist Law (See also: Insurance)
  14. Aviation
  15. Banking & Financial Services
  16. Bankruptcy
  17. Bar Exam
  18. Business & Franchise Law (See also: Contracts, Commercial/UCC)
  19. Civil Procedure (See: Court Practice)
  20. Civil Rights/Discrimination (See also: A.D.A. Practice, Employment Law)
  21. Class Actions
  22. Collective Bargaining/Public Sector (See: Labor Law/Collective Bargaining)
  23. Commercial/UCC
  24. Community Property (See: Family Law/Community Property)
  25. Constitutional Law
  26. Construction
  27. Consumer Protection & Advertising Law (See also: Bankruptcy, Debt Collection)
  28. Contracts
  29. Copyright (See: Intellectual Property)
  30. Corporations/Partnerships/LLCs (See also: Nonprofits)
  31. Court Practice (See also: Discovery, Form Books, Jury Instructions, Sentencing, and Trial Technique/Advocacy/Jury Selection)
  32. Criminal Law & Procedure
  33. Damages (See also: Remedies and individual subject areas, e.g. Insurance, Torts, etc.)
  34. Data Protection (See: Privacy/Data Protection, Internet & Computer Technology Law)
  35. Debt Collection (See also: Bankruptcy; Consumer Protection)
  36. Discovery (See also: Court Practice)
  37. Discrimination (See: A.D.A. Practice; Civil Rights and Employment Law)
  38. Education Law
  39. Elder Law
  40. Elections & Lobbying
  41. Employment Law (For Collective Bargaining/Public Sector, see Labor Law/Collective Bargaining)
  42. Entertainment Law
  43. Environmental Law (See also: Land Use)
  44. Estate Planning/Wills/Trusts (See also: Probate)
  45. Evidence (See also: Court Practice; Criminal Law & Procedure)
  46. Family Law/Community Property
  47. Form Books (See also: Court Practice, Discovery, Jury Instructions)
  48. Government Liability
  49. Health Law
  50. Immigration
  51. Insurance
  52. Intellectual Property (See also: Trademarks/Unfair Competition/Trade Secrets)
  53. Internet & Computer Technology Law (See also: Privacy/Data Protection)
  54. Jury Instructions
  55. Juveniles
  56. Labor Law/Collective Bargaining (See also: Employment Law)
  57. Land Use (See also: Environmental Law; Real Property/Mortgages)
  58. Landlord-Tenant/Commercial Leases (See also: Real Property/Mortgages)
  59. Law Practice Management
  60. Legal Ethics/Professional Responsibility
  61. Legal Writing (See also: Style Manuals)
  62. Licensing
  63. Local Government/Municipal Law
  64. Maritime Law (See: Admiralty/Maritime Law)
  65. Medical Malpractice
  66. Medicare (See: Social Security/Medicare)
  67. Mortgages (See: Real Property/Mortgages)
  68. National Security & Terrorism Prevention
  69. Nonprofits
  70. Paralegals
  71. Partnerships (See: Corporations/Partnerships/LLCs)
  72. Patents (See: Intellectual Property)
  73. Pensions
  74. Personal Injury (See: Torts)
  75. Police Liability (See: Government Liability, Torts)
  76. Prisons & Prisoners (See also: Criminal Law & Procedure; Sentencing)
  77. Privacy/Data Protection (See also: Internet & Computer Technology Law)
  78. Probate (See also: Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts)
  79. Products Liability (See: Torts)
  80. Professional Responsibility (See: Legal Ethics/Professional Responsibility)
  81. Real Property/Mortgages (See also: Landlord-Tenant/Commercial Leases, Land Use)
  82. Remedies (See also: Damages and individual subject areas, e.g., Insurance, Torts, etc.)
  83. Securities Regulation
  84. Sentencing (See also: Criminal Law & Procedure)
  85. Social Media Law
  86. Social Security/Medicare
  87. Sports Law
  88. Statutory Construction & Interpretation
  89. Style Manuals
  90. Taxation (See also: Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts)
  91. Torts (See also: Government Liability, Medical Malpractice)
  92. Trademarks/Unfair Competition/Trade Secrets (See also: Intellectual Property)
  93. Trial Technique/Advocacy/Jury Selection (See also: Court Practice, Jury Instructions)
  94. Trusts (See: Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts)
  95. UCC (See: Commercial/UCC)
  96. Unfair Competition (See: Trademarks/Unfair Competition/Trade Secrets)
  97. Wills (See: Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts)
  98. Workers' Compensation
  99. Zoning (See: Land Use)


This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides, most often in loose-leaf format. However, for those subject areas where the Library owns few print sources, the links to the subscription databases on Lexis and Westlaw are provided. Please see the Database Access Guide for more information.

The guide is arranged by subject, then arranged alphabetically by title. Each subject area page includes a link to the Guide Outline (top right-hand corner), which will take you to the box on the Introduction tab (to the left of this box). The Guide Outline includes direct links to subject area pages, as well as cross-references to related subject areas. You can also use the 11 main tabs and multiple subtabs to navigate to the various subject areas. The main tab page includes the first subject area listed on that tab. Each page may be printed out by using the "print" feature located above the tabs.

The call number for each title is hyperlinked to the library catalog. View the catalog record to check the Library's holdings and the most recent update of that title. In some cases, the Library no longer updates the print copy, but provides online access through a UCLA or UCLAW database. The library catalog record includes a link to "Online Access."

All titles are located in the law library stacks unless otherwise indicated. Very few of these publications can be checked out. In general, if a title is a loose-leaf, it may not be checked out. "Reserve" indicates that the title must be requested at the Circulation Desk, may be checked out for two hours and may not be taken outside Library.

The boxes directly below this one list General Encyclopedias, such as AmJur, the Witkin publications, ALR, and the Rutter Group Practice Guides.

Finally, while the primary focus of this guide is on the Library's print titles, law students and others who would like to access legal treatises online may wish to take a look at the box Tips on Finding Treatises Online (below, right column).

General Encyclopedias & Guides


American jurisprudence, 2d. (AmJur) (Thomson/West) 
KF 154 .A42 1962

American jurisprudence legal forms, 2d.  KF 170 .A542

American jurisprudence pleading and practice forms annotated. 
KF 8869.1 .A44

American jurisprudence trials.  KF 8917 .A53

American jurisprudence proof of facts, 3d.  KF 8933 .A43 (as of 2017 no longer updated in print)

Corpus juris secundum (CJS). (West)  KF 154 .C56 (as of 2014 no longer updated in print)


Action guides (Continuing Eduation of the Bar--California) ("How to..."). (CEB) KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve)

For a list of of print guides owned by the Law Library, follow this link: CEB Action Guides. Sort by date, by author or by title (drop-down menu on top left).

California jurisprudence, 3d. (Cal JurKFC 65 .C33

Witkin (published by the Witkin Legal Institute):

Summary of California law, 10th ed.  KFC 80 .W5 2005

California procedure, 5th ed.  KFC 995 .W52 2008

California evidence, 5th ed.  KFC 1030 .W5 2012

California criminal law, 4th ed.  KFC 1100 .W52 2012

Topical Annotations, Selected Topics

American law reports (ALR), 6th. (Thomson/West)  KF 132 .A56 (no longer updated in print as of 2017)

American law reports (ALR), Federal 2d. (Thomson/West)
KF 105 .A542 (no longer updated in print as of 2017)

Rutter Group Practice Guides

Please note that most Rutter Guides are kept on Reserve, unless otherwise indicated as "Stacks." Ask for Reserve titles at the Circulation Desk.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Knight, Fannin, Disco)  KFC 1093 .K542

Bankruptcy (March, Ahart, Tchaikovsky)  KFC 365 .A6 M37 (Stacks)

Bus. & Prof. C. [section] 17200 practice [California Unfair Business Practices Act] (Stern)  KFC 375 .S827 (Stacks)

California Criminal Procedure (Levenson)  KFC 1155 .L482 (Stacks)

California Law and Motions Authorities (Parker, Finley, Maze)  KFC 1012 .P37 (Stacks)

California Three Strikes Sentencing (J. Richard Couzens, Tricia A. Bigelow)  KFC 1172 .C68 (Stacks)

Civil Appeals and Writs (Eisenberg, Horvitz, Weiner)  KFC 1075 .E47 1989

Civil Procedure Before Trial (Weil & Brown)  KFC 995 .W4

Civil Procedure Before Trial: forms (Rivera)  KFC 995 .A65 R58

Civil Procedure Before Trial: statutes of limitations (Rylaarsdam & Turner)  KFC 1020 .R95

Civil Trials and Evidence (Wegner et al.)  KFC 1025 .A6 W43

Corporations (Friedman)  KFC 345 .A6 F75

Elder Abuse Litigation (Balisok)  KFC 111 .A34 B35 (Stacks)

Employment Litigation (Chin)  KFC 572 .A6 C35

Enforcing Judgments and Debts (Schwartz & Ahart)  KFC 1065 .S37 1988

Family Law I (Hogoboom)  KFC 126 .H65 1982

Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial (Schwarzer, Tashima, & Wagstaffe) KF 8900 .S39 1989

Federal Civil Trials and Evidence (Jones, Rosen, Wegner, & Jones)  KF 8935 .F37 (Stacks)

Federal Employment Litigation (Rosen et al.)  KF 3319 .F43

Federal Ninth Circuit Civil Appellate Practice (Nelson, Goelz, & Watts)  KF 9054 9th .N44

Insurance Litigation (Croskey, Johnson, Heeseman)  KFC 290 .C76 2007 {Law School ed.}

Insurance Litigation (Croskey et al.)  KFC 290 .A6 C76

Landlord-Tenant (Friedman, Garcia, Hagarty)  KFC 145 .F75 1989

Personal Injury (Flahavan, Rea, Kelly)  KFC 1028 .P4 H36

Probate (Ross)  KFC 205 .Z9 R67 1986 (Stacks)

Professional Responsibility (Vapnek, Tuft, Peck, Wiener)  KFC 76.5 .A2 V36

Real Property Transactions (Greenwald & Asimow)  KFC 169 .G74 (Stacks)

Sex Crimes: California law and procedure (Couzens, Bigelow)  KFC 1122 .C68 (Stacks)

Law Library Information

Nexis Uni's Am Jur & Legal Reference Sources

Nexis Uni is a UCLA subscription database. Please see the Database Access LibGuide for more information on subscription databases.

Nexis Uni includes the full-text of American Jurisprudence 2d as well as  Ballentine's Law Dictionary, 3rd and the LexisNexis Law Directory listings of attorneys for each state.   

Tips on Finding Treatises Online

The Law Library's Digital Resources guide provides links to a variety of online resources to assist law students and faculty with their research. Some databases are available to the entire campus. The following databases include legal secondary sources:

Please note that due to licensing restrictions, the databases that include a "Law School Only" note are restricted to users with UCLA Law School IP addresses.

(More) Tips on Finding Treatises Online

The links below will help users find treatises using OnLaw, LexisNexis, and Westlaw.