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Secondary & Practice Guides: Social Security/Medicare

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Social Security/Medicare

BNA's Medicare report.  Online access via Bloomberg Law subscription database (ID/password required)*

Law, explanation and analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: including Reconciliation Act impact. (2014) Online access via Cheetah

NOSSCR Social security practice guide. (Bender)  LexisNexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Medicare and Medicaid claims and procedures, 4th ed. Harvey L. McCormick. (Thomson/West, 2005)  KF 3605 .M32 2005

Medicare and Medicaid guide. (Commerce Clearing House, 1969- )  Online Access via Cheetah

The Social Security Act sourcebook. (ABA, c2011-)  KF 3643.99 .U55

Social security administration materials. (Bender)  LexisNexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security claims and procedures, 6th ed. Harvey L. McCormick. (West Group, c2009)  KF 3649 .M27 2009 & Westlaw subscription database (ID/password req'd)*

Social security disability advocate’s handbook. David Traver, Ralph Wilborn. (James Pub., 2004- )  KF 3649 .S63

Social security disability claims handbook.  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security disability claims: practice and procedure. Barbara Samuels.  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security disability practice. Thomas E. Bush, et al. (James Pub., 1992- )  KF 3649 .S583

Social security law & practice. Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

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