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Secondary & Practice Guides: Environmental Law

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Environmental Law

See Also: Land Use

Brownfields law & practice: the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated land.  (Matthew Bender) Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Clean air act handbook: a practical guide to compliance. (Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1991- )  KF 3812 .C557 

The Clean Water Act handbook, 4th ed. Mark A. Ryan, ed. (ABA, Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, c2018)  KF 3790 .C53 2018

Environmental aspects of real estate and commercial transactions Kevin R. Murray.  (ABA, c2021) KF 1298 .E577 2021

Environmental law in real estate and business transactions. David R. Berz et al. (Matthew Bender, 1992- )  Lexis subscription database

Environmental law practice guide: state and federal law. Michael B. Gerrard, ed. (Lexis Publishing, 1992- )  KF 3775 .Z95 E58 & Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*  

Environmental liability and insurance recovery. David L. Guevara & Frank J. Deveau. (ABA, Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section, c2012)  KF 1298 .G84 2012

ESA, Endangered Species Act: law policy and perspectives.  3rd ed. Donald C. Baur, Ya-Wei Li (ABA, c2021)  KF 5640 .S85 2021

Natural resource damages:  a guide to litigating and resolving NRD cases.  Brian D. Israel.  (ABA, c2019) KF 1298 .I87 2019

NEPA law and litigation, Daniel R. Mandelker. (Thomson Reuters, 2013- )  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

NEPA litigation guide, 2nd ed. Albert M. Ferlo, Karin P. Sheldon, and Mark Squillace, eds. (ABA, Section of Environmental, Energy, and Resources, c2012)  KF 3775 .N473 2012

Public natural resources law, 2nd ed. George Cameron Coogins & Robert L. Glicksman. (Thomson/West, 2007- )  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Rodgers environmental law, 2nd ed. William H. Rodgers.  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

State & local government environmental liability. Joel A. Mintz. (West Group, 1994- )  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Treatise on environmental law. Frank P. Grad. (Matthew Bender, 1973- )  Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Water rights and environmental regulation: a lawyer's guide.  Robert H. Abrams.  (ABA, 2018) KF 5569 .L39 2018

Waters and water rights, 3rd ed. Robert E. Beck & Amy K. Kelley. (LexisNexis, c2009- )  KF 645 .W372 (last updated 2020) & Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*


California civil practice-environmental litigation.  Justice Ronald B. Robie. Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

California environmental law and land use practice. (LexisNexis, 2001- )  KFC 610 .A6 C35 & Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

California environmental law & natural resources handbook, 13th ed.  Theda Braddock. (Bernan Press, 2019) KFC 610 .C342 2019

California land use practice. Adam U. Lindgren et al. (CEB, c2006- )  KFC 811 .C3

Guide to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), 2007 ed. (Solano Press, 1987- )  KFC 610 .G85 (Reserve & Stacks)

Practice under the California Environmental Quality Act, 2nd ed. (CEB, 2008- )  KFC 610 .K672

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