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Secondary & Practice Guides: Labor Law/Collective Bargaining

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Labor Law/Collective Bargaining

See Also: Employment Law

Collective bargaining negotiations & contacts manual. (BNA)  Bloomberg Law subscription database (ID/password required)*

The developing labor law: the board, the courts, and the National Labor Relations Act, 6th ed. John E. Higgins, Jr. et al. (BNA, 2012)  KF 3369 .D48 2012

How to take a case before the NLRB, 8th ed. (BNA Books, c2008)  KF 3372 .M25 2008

Labor law: a basic guide to the National Labor Relations Act. David E. Strecker. (CRC Press, c2011)  KF 3369 .S77 2011

The labor law sourcebook: a compendium of labor-related laws and policy documents. (ABA, c2012)  KF 3356 2012

Labor relations reporter/Labor & Employment Law Library. (Bureau of National Affairs)  Online Access via BNA's Law School Program Core Package (Law School Only)

National public employment reporter. (LRP Publications, 1997- )  KF 3409 .P77 A495

Negotiating a labor contract: a management handbook, 4th ed. (BNA Books, c2010)  HD 6483 .L69 2010

An outline of law and procedure in representation cases. (NLRB, Office of the General Counsel, 2008)  KF 3372 .A857 2008

State labor and wages & hours laws. (BNA)  Bloomberg Law subscription database (ID/password required)*

Wages and hours manual. (BNA)   Bloomberg Law subscription database (ID/password required)*

Winning at the NLRB, 2nd ed. Matthew M. Franckiewicz & Daniel Silverman. (BNA Books, c2009)  HD 5504 .A3 F72 2009


California practice guide. Employment litigation. Ming W. Chin, et al. (Rutter Group, 2001- )  KFC 572 .A6 C35 (Reserve) & Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

California wage and hour: law and litigation. Aashish Y. Desai et al. (CEB, c2010- )  KFC 575 .C355

Public employee reporter, California ed. (Labor Relations Press, 1976- )  KFC 561 .A556 1978

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