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Secondary & Practice Guides: Discovery

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.


See Also: Court Practice

Bender’s forms of discovery. (Matthew Bender, 1963- )  KF 8900 .A3 B45 (last print update 2023)

Bender's forms of discovery interrogatories (volumes 1 to 10A). Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Bender's forms of discovery treatise (volumes 11-16). Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

The deposition handbook, 5th ed. Dennis R. Suplee et al. (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business; CCH, c2011)  KF 8900 .S87 2011

Discovery across the globe: obtaining evidence abraod to support U.S proceedingsBrett Harrison, et. al. eds.  (ABA, c2020)  K2247 .D57 2020

Discovery practice, 6th ed. Roger S. Haydock & David F. Herr. (Wolters Kluwer, c2014- )  KF 8900 .H413

Discovery problems and their solutions, 4th ed.  Paul W. Grimm. (ABA, c2020)  KF 8900 .G76 2020 

eDiscovery & digital evidence. Jay E. Grenig & William C. Gleisner III. Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Electronic discovery deskbook, 3rd ed.  Michael E. Lackey, Jr. et al. (2016-) Online access via PLI Plus 

Electronic discovery: law and practice. (CCH)  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Federal criminal discovery, 2nd ed.  Robert M. Cary et. al.  (ABA, c2021)  KF 9650 .C37 2021

Fundamentals of taking and defending depositions, Gerald A. Stein. Online access via PLI Plus

Managing e-discovery and ESI: from pre-litigation through trial. (ABA, Section on Litigation, c2011)  KF 8902 .E42 M36 2011

Mastering the art of depositions.  Sawnie A. McIntire. (ABA, c2016)  KF 8900 .M387 2016

Model interrogatories, Kevin R. Culhane. (James Publishing, 2014- )  KF 8900 .C852

Obtaining discovery abroad John Taladay.  (ABA, c 2020)  K 2247 .O28 2020


California civil discovery practice, 4th ed. (CEB, 2006- )  KFC 1020 .C582

California civil discovery. 2nd ed. James E. Hogan and Gregory S. Weber. (LexisNexis/Matthew Bender, 2005- )  KFC 1020 .H64 2005 & Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

California criminal discovery. L. Douglas Pipes & William E. Gagen, Jr. (Matthew Bender)  Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

California deposition and discovery practice. J.N. DeMeo. (Matthew Bender, 1960- )  KFC 1020 .D43 & Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Creating your discovery plan: here's how and when to do it. Lawrence P. Ebiner. CEB Action Guide. (CEB, c2014)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve)

Dunne on depositions in California. Kevin J. Dunne. (Thomson-West, 1999- )  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Family law financial discovery. Roberta B. Bennett et al. (CEB, c2008- )  KFC 126 .F36

Handling depositions: here's how and when to do it. Richard C. Raines; judge's perspective, James J. Marchiano. CEB Action Guide. (CEB, c2020)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve) & Online via CEB OnLaw

Handling motions to compel and other discovery motions: here's how and when to do it. Teresa A. McQueen. CEB Action Guide. (CEB, c2022)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve) & Online via CEB OnLaw

Obtaining discovery: initiating and responding to discovery procedures: here's how and when to do it.  Gayle L. Gough. CEB Action Guide. (Regents of the Univ. of California, c2020)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve) & Online via CEB OnLaw

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