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Secondary & Practice Guides: Antitrust/Trade Regulation

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Antitrust/Trade Regulation

Antitrust law answer book. Joe Sims, Kathryn M. Felton, David P. Wales. (Practicing Law Institute)  Online access via PLI Plus

Antitrust & trade regulation report. (Bureau of National Affairs, 1961- ) [Note: the Library no longer has a print subscriptionOnline Access via BNA's Law School Program Core package (Law School Only)

Antitrust class actions handbook. (ABA, Section of Antitrust Law, c2010)  KF 1652 .A497 2010 

Antitrust compliance: perspectives and resources for corporate counselors, 2nd ed. (ABA Section of Antitrust Law, c2010)  KF 1649 .A752 2010

Antitrust health care handbook, 4th ed. (Section of Antitrust Law, ABA, c2010)  KF 3825 .A57 2010 

Antitrust law: an analysis of antitrust principles and their application, 4th ed. Phillip Areeda. (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2013-)  KF 1649 .A8 2013

Antitrust law developments, 7th ed. Jonathan I. Gleklen. (ABA, Section of Antitrust Law, c2012)  KF 1649 .A75274 2012

Antitrust laws and trade regulation, 2nd ed. Julian O. von Kalinowski, Peter Sullivan, Maureen McGuirl. (Matthew Bender, 1996- )  KF 1645 .V65 & LexisNexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

DOJ civil antitrust practice and procedure manual. (ABA Section of Antitrust Law, c2012)  KF 1653 .D65 2012

Federal antitrust law: a treatise on the antitrust laws of the United States. Earl W. Kintner. (Anderson Pub. Co., 1980- )  KF 1649 .K52

Fundamentals of antitrust law, 4th ed. Phillip Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp. (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, Aspen Publishers, c2011- )  KF 1649 .A823

Handbook of U.S. antitrust sources. (ABA Section of Antitrust Law, c2012)  KF 1649 .H34 2012

IP and antitrust: an analysis of antitrust principles applied to intellectual property law, 2nd ed. Herbert Hovenkamp, Mark D. Janis, Mark A. Lemley. (Aspen Law & Business, c2010- )  KF 3116 .H682

Law of unfair competition, trademarks, and monopolies, 4th ed. Rudolf Callmann (West, 1981- )  KF 1609 .C33 1981

Manual of Federal Trade Commission practice. (BNA, c2011- )  KF 1397 .C654 no. 21-5th (Reserve)

Proof of conspiracy under federal antitrust laws. (ABA, Section of Antitrust Law, c2010)  KF 1649 .P76 2010 

Proving antitrust damages: legal and economic issues, 3rd ed. (Section of Antitrust Law, ABA, c2017)  KF 1657 .T7 P76 2017

State action practice manual, 3rd ed. (Section of Antitrust Law, ABA, c2017)  KF 1657 .S72 S73 2017 

State antitrust practice and statutes, 5th ed. Rocky C. Tsai, et al. (Section of Antitrust Law, ABA, c2014)  KF 1649 .S745 2014

Trade regulation reporter. (Commerce Clearing House) Online access via Cheetah


Bus. & Prof. C. [section] 17200 practice. William L. Stern. (Rutter Group, c2003- )  KFC 375 .S827 & Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

California antitrust & unfair competition law.  (LexisNexis:  Matthew Bender, c2012-)  KFC 377 .C352 

California unfair competition and business torts. Conrad L. Rushing. (Matthew Bender, 2004- )  KFC 553 .R87

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