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Secondary & Practice Guides: Social Security/Medicare

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Social Security/Medicare

BNA's Medicare report. Bloomberg Law subscription database (ID/password required)*

Family law practitioner's guide to social security. Lydia S. Terrill.  (ABA, Family Law Section, c2020)  KF 3649 .S73 2020

How to win Medicare appeals, David. D. Mullens, (ABA, c2020) KF 3608 .A4 M85 2020

Law, explanation and analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: including Reconciliation Act impact. (2014) Online access via VitalLaw

NOSSCR Social security practice guide. (Bender)  Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Medicare and Medicaid claims and procedures, 4th ed. Harvey L. McCormick. (Thomson/West, 2005)  Online access via Westlaw

Medicare and Medicaid guide. (Commerce Clearing House, 1969- )  Online Access via VitalLaw

The Social Security Act sourcebook. (ABA, c2011-)  KF 3643.99 .U55

Social security administration materials. (Bender)  Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security claims and procedures, 6th ed. Harvey L. McCormick. (West Group, c2009)  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password req'd)*

Social security disability advocate’s handbook. David Traver, Ralph Wilborn. (James Pub., 2004- )  KF 3649 .S63

Social security disability claims handbook.  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security disability claims: practice and procedure. Barbara Samuels.  Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Social security disability practice. Thomas E. Bush, et al. (James Pub., 1992- )  KF 3649 .S583

Social security law & practice. Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

What are...Medicare appeals?  2nd ed.  Jessica L. Gustafson, Abby Pendleton.  (ABA, c2021)  KF 3608.A4 G87 2021

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