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Secondary & Practice Guides: Trial Technique/Advocacy/Jury Selection

This guide includes the Library's most current, updated secondary and practice guides.

Trial Technique/Advocacy/Jury Selection

See Also: Court Practice; Jury Instructions


Art of advocacy. Jury selection. Ward Wagner, Jr. (Matthew Bender, 1981- )  Lexis subscription database (ID/password required)*

(Lane) Goldstein trial technique, 3rd ed. Fred Lane. (West Group) Westlaw subscription database (ID/password required)*

Fine art of trial advocacy: a young lawyer's resource for success.  Paul Mark Sandler.  (ABA, c2021)  KF 8915 .S247 2021

How to succeed as a trial lawyer, 2nd ed.  Stewart Edelstein. (ABA, c2017)  KF 8915 .E34 2017 

How to try a jury case: trial tactics. John F. Kimberling. (National Institute for Trial Advocacy, 2007)  KF 8972 K56 2007

Jury selection in civil and criminal trials, 2nd ed. Ann Fagan Ginger. (Lawpress, 1984- )  KF 8979 .G56 1984

Mastering voir dire and jury selection: gain an edge in questioning and selecting your jury, 4th ed. (ABA, c2018)  KF 8979 .F742 2018 

Modern trial advocacy:  analysis and practice, 6th ed. Steven Lubet. (National Institute for Trial Advocacy, c2020)  KF 8915 .L82 2020 (Reserve)

Objections at trial.  Myron H. Bright.  (NITA, 2018)  KF 8935 .B75 2018

Persuasive opening statements & closing arguments. Joseph W. Cotchett.  (CEB, 2015-)  KF 1025 .A15 P47 & Online via CEB OnLaw

Persuasive written and oral advocacy in trial and appellate courts, 3rd ed. Michael R. Fontham et al. (Wolthers Kluwer, 2013)  KF 251 .F658 2013

Preparing for trial in federal court, 3rd ed. Nancy Pridgen. (James Pub., 2015)  KF 8900 .P752 & Online via Bloomberg Law

Preparing witnesses: a practical guide for lawyers and their clients, 5th ed.  Daniel I. Small. (ABA, c2020) KF 8950 .S63 2020

Pretrial strategies for success. Sawnie McEntire.  (ABA, 2018)  KF 8900 .P74 2018

Questions and answers for litigators.  Cecil C. Kuhne.  (ABA, c2020)  KF 8915 .K784 2020

Trial: a guide from start to finish: perspectives from opposing counsel. Mikal C. Watts & Sawnie A. McEntire. (ABA, c2020)  KF 8915 .W38 2020

Trial advocacy basicsMolly Townes O'Brien, Gary S. Gildin. (NITA, 2022)  KF 8915 .O24 2022

Trial handbook. Kent Sinclair. (PLI)  Online access via PLI Plus

Trial lawyer: what it takes to win, 2nd ed.  David Berg.  (ABA, c2018)  KF 8915 .B448 2018

Trial lawyer's guide to the attorney client privilege and work-product doctrineReagan W. Simpson, Robert P. Redemann, eds. (ABA, c2023) KF 8959.A7 T75 2023

Trial tactics, 4th ed. Stephen Saltzburg. (ABA, Criminal Justice Section, 2019)  KF 8915 .S25 2019

Trial techniques and trials, 10th ed. Thomas A. Mauet. (Aspen Publishers, c2017)  KF 8915 .M38 2017

Trying your first case:  a practitioner's guide.  Nash Long, ed. (ABA, 2014)  KF 8915 .T79 2014


California trial objections. (CEB, 2000- )  KFC 1030 .C35 & Online via CEB OnLaw

Laying a foundation to introduce evidence: (preparing and using evidence at trial): here's how and when to do it. Donald F. Miles, judge's perspective by the Honorable Gregory Alarcon. CEB Action Guide. (Regents of the Univ. of California, c2018)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve & Online via CEB OnLaw)

Preparing for trial: here's how and when to do it. Jeffrey D. Polsky. CEB Action Guide. (CEB, 2020)  KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve & Online via CEB OnLaw)

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