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Williams Institute Reading Room: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resources in Law and Public Policy: 1. Films A-G

A guide to resources in the Williams Institute Reading Room, part of the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy at the UCLA School of Law.

Films A-G

The Abominable Crime. Micah Fink (Common Good Productions, 2013). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film website.  Homophobia in Jamaica.

Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-gay movement. Alicia Salzer (Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists, 2006). DVD RC558 .A26 2006. Also streaming via Alexander Street.

An Act of Love. Scott Sheppard (2016). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film website. "A personal story about LGBTQ Rights and Religion."

After Stonewall: From the Riots to the Millennium. John Scagliotti (First Run Features, 2005). DVD HQ76.8.U5 A384 2005. Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only). Film information.

And the Band Played on. Arnold Schulman, Roger Spottiswoode (HBO, 1993, 2010) DVD PN1995.9.A435 A53 2010; *Link to Amazon

And the March Continues! = Y Sigue la Marcha Andando! Guadalupe Olvera San Miguel (Frameline, 1997) DVD HQ76.8.M6 A53 1997; *Film information.  History of the lesbian movement in Mexico. Also streaming via Alexander Street.

(A)sexual. Angela Tucker (Arts Engine, 2011) DVD HQ73 .A83 2011. Also streaming via Alexander Street.

Ask Not. Johnny Symons (New Day Films, 2008). DVD UB418.G38 A85 2008; also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).  Film information. "The definitive story of the history and activism behind 'don't ask, don't tell.'"

Bayou Maharajah. Lily Keber (2013). Streaming via Kanopy and Alexander Street (UCLA only); film website. Biographical documentary about the life, times and music of piano legend James Booker.

Becoming Johanna. Jonathan Skurnik (New Day Films, 2016; Kanopy Streaming, 2017). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film website. "The journey of a transgender teen."

Becoming More Visible. Pamela French (The Video Project, 2016).  Documentary following four young transgender adults.  Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film information.

Before Stonewall: the Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community. Greta Schiller (First Run Features, 2004). DVD HQ76.8.U5 B45 2000z; also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Boy I Am. Sam Feder and Julie Hollar (Moving Train Media, 2006). DVD HQ77.9 .B69 2006 Experiences of transitioning FTMs and conversations about trans issues in the lesbian community.  Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Boys Don't Cry. Kimberly Peirce (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2000). DVD PN1997 .B697 2000.

The Boys in the Band. Mart Crowley, Wiliam Freidkin (Paramount Home Entertainment, 2008). DVD PN1997 .B693 2008.

Breaking the Silence: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Foster Youth Tell Their Stories: A Tool for Training Care Providers on Working Effectively with LGBTQ Youth. (NCLR, 2006). DVD HV1426 .B74 2005.

Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard Rustin.  Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer (ITS/National Black Programming Consortium; California Newsreel, 2002). Streaming via Alexander Street and Kanopy (UCLA only, both). Film website.

Bullied: a Student, a School and a Case That Made History. (Bill Brummel, Southern Poverty Law Center, 2010) DVD LB3013.32 .B84 2010; *Film information.  (Documentary; case of Jamie Nabozny.)

Call Me Kuchu. Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall (Cinedigm/Chicken & Egg Pictures; Filmakers Library, 2015). DVD HQ76.3.U33 C353 2015; Film information   

Call Me Marianna. Karolina Bielawska (Torch Films, 2015). "Portrait of a transgender woman." Polish. Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film trailer.    

The Campaign. Christie Herring (Campaign Productions LLG; New Day Films, 2013)  DVD KF539 .C36 2013; Film information; "The inside story of California's tide-turning fight for marriage equality and the 50 years of history behind it."   Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

El Canto del Colibrí (Song of the Hummingbird). Marco Castro-Bojorquez (Frameline, 2015). A documentary about Latino fathers and their LGBTQ children.  DVD HQ755.85 .C353 2015; Film information.  Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).     

The Case Against 8. Ben Cotner & Ryan White (HBO Home Entertainment, 2015). DVD KFC129 .C374 2015; film information.

Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker. Richard Schmiechen, James Harrison, David Haugland (Intrepid Productions, Frameline, 2005) DVD HQ75.15 .C43 1992.  Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Chely Wright: Wish Me Away. Bobbie Birleffi & Bevely Kopf (First Run Features, 2011). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film information.

Coming Out: A 50 Year History. Phillip Siegel (The Pye Harris Legacy Project, 2017). DVD HQ76.25 .C662 2018; also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film information. Documentary narrated by transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

Coming Out Under Fire. Arthur Dong (Fox Lorber Films, 1995).  DVD D769.2 .B469 2004 Gays in the military.  Also streaming via Alexander Street (UCLA only).

Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt. Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman (Telling Pictures, 1989). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); documentary about the AIDS memorial quilt. 

Created Equal: the Cheryl Summerville Story. Modi Frank (ACLU, 1998). HD6285.5.U6 C74 1998 Videocassette Documentary about a woman fired from her job for being a lesbian.

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools. Jonathan Skurnik (New Day Films, 2016).  Part of the Youth & Gender Media Project. Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film information

Cruel & Unusual. Janet Baus, Dan Hunt & Reid Williams (Alluvial Filmworks, 2006). DVD HQ77.95.U6 C78 2006. Experiences of transgender women in prison.

Cured. Patrick Sammon & Bennett Singer (Good Docs, 2021). "Illuminates a pivotal yet largely unknown chapter in the struggle for LGBTQ equality: the campaign that led the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to remove the diagnosis of homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses." Law Library Circulation Video/DVD Collection ; RC558 .C87 2021; film website

Daddy & Papa. Johnny Symons (New Day Films, 2002). DVD HQ75.28.U6 D33 2002; film website. Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World. John Scagliotti (First Run Features, 2003). DVD HQ76.8.D44 D46 2003.  Also streaming via Kanopy and Alexander Street (UCLA only).

Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project. Charles Bennett Brack, Sam Castrillo (Third World Newsreel, 2008). DVD HV6250.4.H66 D74 2008; *Film information

East West: Sex and Politics. Jochen Hick, Andreas Strohfeldt (Frameline, 2009) DVD HQ76.8.R8 E17 2009; *Film information (LGBT movement in Russia). Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. Susan Muska & Gréta Ólafsdóttir (Breaking Glass Pictures, 2010).  DVD HQ75.3 .E354 2010; *Film information.  Also streaming via Alexander Street (UCLA only).

Election 2004: The Gay Vote, Gay Marriage, and the Prospect for Gay Rights Legislation.  (Williams Project, 2004). KF4754.5.A75 E44 2004

'Enayim Pekuhot = Eyes Wide Open. Chaim Tabakman, Rafael Katz, Merav Doster (First Run Features, 2010) DVD PN1997 .E943 2010.

The Fall of '55. Seth Randal (Entendre Pictures, Frameline, 2006) DVD HQ145.I2 F35 2006; Film trailer.  Gay sex scandal in Boise, Idaho. Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Family Values: An American Tragedy. Pam Walton (Pam Walton Productions, 1996) DVD HQ75.4.W35 F36 1996; Film website.

Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of Act Up. James Wentzy (Frameline, 2002). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film information.

Flag Wars. Linda Goode Bryant and Laura Poitras (Zula Pearl Films; University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, 2003). DVD HT177.C57 F53 2007. Gay white professionals move into a black working-class neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. Film information. Also streaming via Alexander Street (UCLA only).

For Love and for Life: The 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.  JEB (Joan E. Biren) (Frameline, 1988) DVD HQ76.8.U5 F67 1988.  Also streaming via Alexander Street (UCLA only).

For the Bible Tells Me So. Daniel Karslake (First Run Features, 2007). DVD BS680.H67 F67 2007; *Official website. Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America. Moises Serrano, Heather Mathews & Tiffany Rhynard (Sisters Unite Productions & Pony Pictures, 2016). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film website. "Gay and Undocumented, Moises Serrano Fights for Justice."

Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives. Aerlyn Weissman & Lynne Fernie (National Film Board of Canada 2014)[*Originally released in 1992]. DVD HQ75.3 .F66 2014; *Official website.

The Forever Home: Going Green. Pam Walton (Harrell Remodeling, Inc.; Pam Walton Productions, 2009).  DVD TH880 .F67 2009; Film website.  Couple Iris and Ann remodel their home and celebrate their marriage after 28 years together!

Framing Agnes. Chase Joynt (Kino Lorber, 2023).  DVD Collection HQ77.8.A364 F73 2023; Film information.  "After discovering case files from a 1950s gender clinic, a cast of trans actors turn a talk show inside out to confront the legacy of a young trans woman forced to choose between honesty and access."

Free Cece! Jac Gares (Tugg Edu, 2016).  DVD HQ77.8.M393 F74 2016; film trailer.

Freedom to Marry. Laurie York and Carmen Goodyear (Turtle Time Farm Productions, 2005). DVD HQ1034.U5 F74 2005; *Official website

Freeheld. Cynthia Wade (Lieutenant Films, 2007). DVD HD6285.5.U6 F73 2007 A terminally ill police detective in Freeheld, NJ and the struggle to transfer her pension to her domestic partner; film information.

Gay Pioneers. Glenn Holsten (WHYY, Equality Forum, 2004). DVD HQ76.8.U5 G285 2004; Film information.

Gen Silent. Stu Maddux (Interrobang Productions, 2011; Kanopy Streaming, 2015). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only). *Discrimination against LGBT elders. *Movie trailer

Gender Troubles: The Butches. Lisa Plourde (A Catholic Schoolgirl Gone Bad Production, 2016). DVD HQ75.6.U5 G46 2016; Official website.

God Loves Uganda. Roger Ross Williams (Variance Films/First Run Features, 2013). DVD HQ76.3.U33 G633 2014Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Growing Up Coy. Eric Juhola (Still Point Pictures, Outcast Films, 2016). DVD HQ77.8.M3755 G73 2016; Official website.

Growing Up Trans. Karen O'Connor & Miri Navasky (PBS, 2015; Kanopy Streaming, 2017). Streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only); film website.