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Williams Institute Reading Room: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resources in Law and Public Policy: Europe/Central Asia

A guide to resources in the Williams Institute Reading Room, part of the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy at the UCLA School of Law.

Europe & Central Asia Films

Out in East Berlin: Lesbians & Gays in the GDR. Jochen Hick & Andreas Strohfeldt (Nancy Fishman Film Releasing, 2013). DVD HQ76.3.G42 B46 2013.

East West: Sex and Politics. Jochen Hick, Andreas Strohfeldt (Frameline, 2009) DVD HQ76.8.R8 E17 2009; *Film information (LGBT movement in Russia). Also streaming via Kanopy (UCLA only).

Rainbow's End. Christian Jentzsch & Jochen Hick (Frameline, 2006)(Documentary about the LGBTQ movement in Europe) DVD HQ76.3.E8 R355 2006; Film information

To My Women Friends. Natalja Sharandak, Olga Zhuk (Frameline, 2005) (originally produced in 1993) DVD HQ76.8.R8 T6 2005 (Documentary; interviews with six Russian lesbians)

United Kingdom

Click on the title links for circulation status.

For UK news, visit PinkNews.

For UK organizations, see Stonewall.

UK: The Wolfenden Report (1957)

The Wolfenden report; report of the Committee on Homosexual Offenses and Prostitution. Authorized American ed. Introd. by Karl Menninger. (Committee on Homosexual Offenses and Prostitution, 1963)  HQ76 .G74 1963 

Fear, punishment, anxiety, and the Wolfenden report. Charles Berg. (Allen & Unwin, 1959)  HQ76 .B45 1959

Against the law.  Peter Wildeblood. (Julian Messner, 1959, 1999).  HQ76 .W55 1959

Live and let live; the moral of the Wolfenden report. Eustace Chesser; with a foreword by John Wolfenden. (Heinemann, 1958.)  HQ76 .C37 1958

Report of the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution. (H. M. Stationery Off., 1957)  KD7975 .A82 1957


European Union & Europe Generally

European/Central Asian Countries