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Law Student FAQs


0. How will Spring 2020 Final Exams be administered?

Although final exams will be administered differently for the Spring 2020 term, some of the information below will still be pertinent for Spring 2020 exams. For more information about the administration of Spring 2020 exams, see Spring 2020 Exam FAQs

For more information (including screenshots) on how to take an exam through MyLaw, please see the MyLaw Take-Home Exam Instructions.

For information (including screenshots) on how to take an exam through CCLE, please see the Tips for Taking an Exam in CCLE.

1. Where can I find my Blind ID number?

A student's blind ID number can be found on the right-hand side of their MyLaw homepage. 

2. Is the Blind ID the same as Exam Number?

Yes. Examplify will ask for your Exam Number before you take an exam, this is the same number as your Blind ID. 

3. When is the exact time of my exam and where can I find it?

Please refer to the Final Exam Schedule for up-to-date information about exam dates and times. The schedule will be updated with exact times a couple weeks before exams.

4. I am an LL.M. student, who receives additional time. What room should I go to?

Please refer to the LL.M. Approved Extra Time Final Exam Schedule. Please make sure you go to the room listed in this document and not the JD room as you will not be given additional time if you are in the incorrect room. 

5. What if 2 of my exams are scheduled on the same day?

Students may postpone one of those exams to the following day. To do this they must complete a Petition to Reschedule an Exam on MyLaw. The petition can be found at Please note, the Petition to Reschedule an Exam is often due several weeks before the exam schedule is posted.  Please review the form for more information.

Students who wish to request that an exam be rescheduled due to compelling and extenuating circumstances must also submit a petition by completing this form and attaching a personal statement and documentation.

6. I had a problem with my computer or with my exam, during the exam administration. What can I do? Specifically, can I talk to my professor?

Do not contact your professor about your exam as it could jeopardize your anonymity. If you had a problem during your exam, please contact the Dean of Students. If the problem was specific to technical issues (computer, Examplify, etc.) please email

7. I have a take-home exam. Do I use Examplify? Will there be a room available for me? How do I access my take-home exam?

Your take-home exam will be available on your MyLaw home page at the time indicated in the email from Tyler Wilson, Assistant Director of Records. Tyler will send an email with information and instructions on how to download the exam about a week before the exam is scheduled. More information can be found at

Each semester a room will be reserved for take-home exams for 12 hours or less. 

8. I’m a student who needs testing accommodations. How do I arrange for those accommodations and where can I find my schedule?

Testing Accommodations are arranged through the Center for Accessible Education. Please contact the Director of Student Life, Carmina Ocampo (, for more information on the process.

For those with approved accommodations, the Assistant Director of Records, Tyler Wilson (, will email you with instructions, including a schedule and any accommodation-related details, around a week before the exam.

9. How can I get my computer to work better with Examplify?

The following steps will ensure your computer works optimally with Examplify.

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the most current version of Examplify.  Visit to download the most current version of the software.
  2. Restart your computer.  Temporary files are typically cached when your computer is restarted.  Shut down your computer and restart to clear temporary memory, the type of memory Examplify relies on the most.
  3. Shut off unnecessary programs.  Programs, such as Spotify, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Skype, etc., are often set to automatically turn on when your computer starts, and to continuously run in the background.  These types of programs are turned off by Examplify, when you launch the Examplify program on your computer.  Unfortunately, they often attempt to restart while you are taking your exam.  This can cause your computer to freeze.  Restart your computer and make note of the programs that start automatically.  Visit the settings on these programs to turn off the auto-start setting.
  4. If you use a Macbook be sure to make sure all of your applications are shut down. Closing windows does not necessarily shut down an application on Mac OSX, so be sure to use the menu bar to close the application, or use Force Quit to ensure all possible applications are turned off.
  5. Shut off your anti-virus.  Anti-virus software often causes problems with Examplify.  To reduce your chances of a frozen computer, ensure your anti-virus is turned off before your exam. *if you're unsure about how to turn off antivirus software on your computer, you can ask the IT help desk for assistance by emailing
  6. Do not try to update your operating system in the middle of Finals. Updating your operating system may lead to incompatibility issues with Examplify, and may make your laptop unusable for taking exams.