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Law Student FAQs


1. How can student orgs and journals send out an email announcement to all students?

Student orgs. and journals cannot email all students directly, but the Student Affairs Office can forward an email announcement from your org. or journal to all students. Student orgs. and journals are allowed to send two email announcements per semester, with the help of the Student Affairs office, to all students. One of the two email announcements must contain information about events.


Please send the following information to for student announcements.

  1. Exact text of the email. A Word document is preferred when you have specific formatting and spacing in the text. Please double-check for misspellings and hyperlinks.
  2. Exact subject line of the email.
  3. Your targeted audience. The default is all students (1L, 2L, 3L, LLM, SJD, and MLS). If you want to target a specific class year or degree program, please specify.
  4. Your targeted send date. We ask that you send us the email draft at least two business days before your targeted send date.  

2. Do student organizations have printing accounts?

Student organizations can print in the computer lab of the library. However, student orgs. will be charged the following for printing:

  • .07 cents a page for single-sided black and white copies
  • .10 cents a page for double-sided black and white copies.
  • .39 cents a page for color copies

You will have to login to a computer in the computer lab with your organization’s lawnet email address to print. At the end of the year, IT will charge your organization’s bank account with the cost of all copies that are printed using the computer lab printers.

You may want to print elsewhere where it is cheaper, but you would have to pay for printing using out of your own pocket and submit the cost for reimbursement later. Email Antonio Miranda at Business & Finance ( to inquire whether any printing places are approved to be paid by LVO before you use any of outside printing services.