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Law Student FAQs


1. How do I apply for a specialization?

Application and criteria for each specialization is found online under each specialization’s MyLaw page or school website.

Here are the recordings from each specializations' info sessions:


2. How do I get priority enrollment?

Entertainment, Business, Philosophy and Critical Race Studies are the only specializations who receive priority enrollment. Priority enrollment is available to eligible students who show they are making visible progress towards completing the specialization. Priority courses count towards first pass and are limited to Group A (Business), Tier A (Entertainment) and Core (Philosophy) courses only. Critical Race Studies provides a list of student to pre-enroll into Law 214 and/ or Law 266. Priority enrollment forms will be sent out when enrollment passes are sent to the general student population. Enrollment for eligible courses is added prior to first pass.

3. Is there a writing requirement for specializations?

The Epstein Program in Public Interest Law & Policy, the Critical Race Studies Program and the Program in Law & Philosophy all impose their own upper division writing requirements, sometimes more extensive than the SAW.  Students seeking to earn a specialization in one of those fields of study should check with the programmatic faculty advisor to determine whether their proposed written work will fulfill program requirements.  A paper that fulfills program requirements will be deemed to satisfy the law school’s SAW requirement, but the converse is not necessarily true.