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Spring 2020 Exam FAQs


How will final exams be administered for the Spring 2020 term?

All spring 2020 exams will be administered remotely (take-home) and will be graded anonymously. 

Exams containing only essay questions will be administered through a MyLaw assessment platform.  Students will download the exam questions from MyLaw when the exam is set to begin.  They will then be given an allotted time, determined by their professor, to write their exam answers in their preferred word processor.  Before the allotted time has expired, students must convert their answers from a word processing document to a PDF document.  Students must then upload their PDF document to the MyLaw testing portal (where they downloaded the questions).  For more information (including screenshots) on how to take an exam through MyLaw, please see the following MyLaw Take-Home Exam Instructions.

Exams containing any multiple-choice questions, even if alongside essay or short answer questions, will be administered through Common Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE), a main campus learning platform.   Questions, both essay and multiple-choice, will appear directly in the CCLE testing module.  Students will “start” their exams by visiting a CCLE course page created specifically for their exam (a link will be provided to the CCLE course page on each MyLaw course page and via email).  Once started, students will see the exam questions directly in the CCLE exam page.  Responses should also be selected or entered directly into the CCLE webpage.  When students have finished their exam, or before their allotted time has expired, students must submit their exam answers by clicking the “Submit all and Finish” button at the bottom of the page.  For more information (including screenshots) on how to take an exam through CCLE, please see the Tips for Taking an Exam in CCLE.

Will my exams still be scheduled at a specific time?

The Records Office has already begun to connect with your professors to determine their exam needs and to schedule each exam.  Most exams will remain scheduled on the days currently listed on the Final Exam Schedule (LL.M. Approved Extra Time Final Exam Schedule), though the start and end times will vary.  While the allotted time to work on an exam will likely be limited (3 or 4 hours is common), professors have been strongly encouraged to provide 24-hour testing windows, so students can determine what block of time within that window works best for them.  Start and end times will be updated throughout the coming weeks, so please check the exam schedule often up until the start of the exam period.  Please also re-check the Final Exam Schedule (LL.M. Approved Extra Time Final Exam Schedule) shortly before your exam is set to begin, to ensure you have not missed any changes.

What if I am in a different time zone?

While some exams will be scheduled during specific, limited windows, professors have been strongly encouraged to offer their exams within an extended, 24-hour window.  While the allotted time to work on an exam will likely be limited (3 or 4 hours is common), students can determine what block of time within the larger testing window works best for them.

Students who are scheduled to take an exam on a specific day and time, without the flexibility of an extended window, but who also will be taking their exam in a time zone outside of the United States, may request their exam times to be shifted using the Time Zone Accommodation Request Form

Can I start my exam any time during the exam testing window?

Students should start their exam early enough to allow them their entire allotted time.  Exam answers are due before the allotted time is exhausted or before the testing window closes, whichever is earlier.  For example, if a testing window opens at 8:00 a.m. and runs until 5:00 p.m., and the time allotted for each student is 3 hours, students should start their exam by at least 2:00 p.m. to ensure they are able to work on the exam for their entire allotted time.

What materials am I allowed to use during my exams?

Students are allowed to reference all electronic or print materials they wish, unless specifically prohibited by their professor.  This means that electronic copies of notes and textbooks are allowed.

Note that all academic integrity policies and precautions apply during take-home exams.  Plagiarism in any form is a violation of the UCLA Student Conduct Code.  Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the use of another person’s work (including words, ideas, designs, or data) without giving appropriate attribution or citation.  This includes, but is not limited to, representing, with or without the intent to deceive, part or all of an entire work obtained by purchase or otherwise, as the student’s original work; the omission of or failure to acknowledge the true source of the work; or representing an altered but identifiable work of another person or the student’s own previous work as if it were the student’s original or new work.  Furthermore, students may not collaborate on individual assessments.

What technology will I need to take my exams?

Students will need to have a personal computer, with internet access, to access and take their exams.  Please keep in mind that wireless connections can fluctuate in strength and connectivity, so it is highly recommended that you use a wired connection, if possible, when taking your exams. You may contact IT ( if you are currently experiencing issues with your computer or Wi-Fi connection.  We also recommend you confirm that you have a working charger or outlet, and that you restart your computer the night before an exam to install any essential updates.

What internet browser should I use to take my exams?

For CCLE, the main campus recommends using Firefox or Chrome.  Our testing has confirmed any browser may be used to access MyLaw take-home exams.

What should I do if I lose internet connectivity during my exam?

For exams administered through MyLaw:  MyLaw only requires internet connectivity when starting the exam (downloading the questions) and when finishing the exam (uploading answers).  Students do not need to be connected to the internet while writing their responses to the exam questions in their word processor of choice.  It is highly recommended that students allow at least 15 minutes at the end of their exam time to convert their exam answers to a PDF document, connect to the internet and upload their answers to the MyLaw exam portal.

For exams administered through CCLE:  At the very beginning of each CCLE exam, a PDF of the exam questions contained in the CCLE exam will be available for download.  It is highly recommended that students download those questions onto their computers at the start of the exam, in the event they lose internet connectivity.  If students are disconnected from CCLE during their exam, students should continue taking the exam using the downloaded questions and a piece of paper.  When internet connectivity is restored, students will be able to re-access their exam in CCLE (assuming their allotted exam time has not expired).  Answers that were entered into CCLE shortly up to the moment the student lost interconnectivity will be saved.  Students should type any answers recorded on paper and, then, continue taking the rest of the exam in CCLE.

What should I do if I have any problems while taking my exam?

For internet connectivity issues, please see above.  For all other issues, please contact  Most, if not all, exams will be scheduled to start and end during regular business hours, so Records Office staff will be available to assist students with exam concerns.

What if my allotted time has expired, but I have not finished my exam?

For exams administered through MyLaw: Students will be able to upload their exam answers, after their allotted time has expired or the exam deadline has passed.  However, professors will be made aware of all late submissions and have the option to take the late submission into account when grading the exam.*  For this reason, it is highly recommended students start the upload process at least 15 minutes prior to the end of their allotted time.  Students can also email their exam submission to if they are nearing the end of their allotted time and are experiencing trouble uploading their answers.

*IMPORTANT!  Students SHOULD NOT contact their professors if their exam answers have been submitted late.  Doing so will compromise their anonymity on the exam.  Rather, students should contact to report any issues they encountered while uploading their exam answers.  The Records Office will anonymously pass along any necessary information to your professor.

For exams administered through CCLE:  When a student’s allotted time has expired, CCLE will automatically submit the work that has already been entered into the system.  For this reason, it is highly recommended students enter any outstanding answers into CCLE and prepare to submit at least 15 minutes prior to the end of their allotted time.

What do I do if I’ve submitted my exam answers, but want to make edits before the time has expired?

Students will be unable to make edits to submitted answers, even if they still have exam time remaining.

Will I receive my exam accommodations as per usual?

Students will be solely responsible for their own testing environment.  If a student receives accommodations for a reduced distraction testing environment, the student should make every effort to create such an environment for themselves, wherever they are taking their exam.  CAE counselors can provide helpful guidance in this regard. 

Students who receive additional time, as part of their testing accommodations, will automatically have their additional time added to the exam administration platform (either MyLaw or CCLE).  Students’ allotted time, including any additional accommodated time, will display in the exam administration platform when they begin their exam. 

Students who are not sure whether they have exam accommodations should contact their CAE counselor and/or Carmina Ocampo (, from Student Affairs, for assistance.

Can I speak to my classmates about any exams that I have finished or am currently taking?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Students are prohibited from discussing the contents of any exam with any other person until the exam period is completely finished.  Students may be taking their exams at different times, in different time zones, and throughout the entire exam period, so students cannot discuss exams until the entire exam period has concluded.  Doing so is a violation of the Law School’s exam policies, as well as the University’s Student Honor Code.

Can I speak to my professor about my exam?

Students are allowed to communicate with their professors up until the point the exam window has opened for that particular exam.  Professors have been encouraged to offer additional office hours leading up to the availability of their exam. 

Once the exam window has opened, students are no longer allowed to speak to their professors about the exam, even if the student intends to take the exam at a later time (within the exam’s availability window).  Students should not make any remarks that will jeopardize their anonymity, either on the exam or in any other context, before the exam grades are posted.  Any questions during or after the exam should be addressed to the Records Office or Dean Martí.

Am I allowed to take my exams at the Law School?

As of April 13, access to the Law School is limited to essential services and to brief visits to secure personal belongings or other quick tasks.  We cannot commit to any changes to that policy at this time.  We continue to discourage students’ presence on campus.  Therefore, you should assume you will need to take your exam(s) at home.