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Law Student FAQs


1. When and how do student groups apply for Dean's Funding?

Student organizations will be able to apply for Dean’s Funding in September. Carmina will email you the funding application at the start of the semester.

2. How can a student org/journal check how much money is in its bank account?

Check your organization’s or journal’s financial statement on MyLaw, which you can access by clicking here. Your financial statement will reflect how much Dean’s funding your organization or journal was awarded last year and how the funds were spent. You need a password to access your financial statement and you can email Carmina Ocampo ( if you need your password. If you have any questions about your account or financial statement, contact Antonio Miranda (

3. Do student organization/journal funds roll over each year?

Dean’s funding DOES NOT carry over each year.  Dean’s funding that is not spent by a student organization is automatically returned to the Dean’s Discretionary Fund at the end of the school year. If a student organization only received Dean’s funding last year, it will have zero dollars in its account at the start of the school year.  If a student organization received other sources of funding other than Dean’s funding, such as money from donations, those unused funds should rollover to the following year.

4. Can student organizations/journals without any funds request an advance of funds before Dean’s Funding is dispersed in the fall?

If your organization does not have any funds, you may request an advance to pay for food for an event prior to receiving Dean’s funding.  Before you order food for your event, email Carmina Ocampo ( and tell her how much you are requesting, what the event is, where you are ordering from and how many people you expect at your event. Carmina will let you know if she approves the amount and she will inform the Business & Finance Office.  The amount will be deducted from the amount of Dean’s funding you receive in October.  Be prudent since you won’t know how much Dean’s funding you will receive and it typically will not be more than what was awarded in previous years.