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UCLA School of Law History Archive: Local Newspapers

This guide provides an inventory of the Law Library's archive of resources relating to the history of the UCLA School of Law

Los Angeles Times

The ProQuest historical L.A. Times database provides digital access to the Times during the formative periods of the Law School.  L.A. Times articles from the period highlight: early plans to build the school; profiles of the first and later deans and first class of students (which included five women, one of whom graduated first in the first class); plans for the initial law building; the Law School dedication; installation of Order of the Coif chapter (two of the first four members were women, and UCLA was the youngest school in history to receive an Order of the Coif charter); new Law-Science Research Center; building addition to accommodate expanded enrollment; dedication of new wing; UCLA Law School shifting to give more of an administrative voice to students; women at UCLA Law, including the first woman UCLA Law professor (Barbara Rintala in 1968), and the increase in women graduates from 2 in 1958 to 13 in 1969; the Riseborough mural; innovative communications law class; Latino father/son duo enrolled simultaneously; mother/daughter duo enrolled simultaneously; commencements from 1986-1990; Professor Ken Graham’s law school musical; two dozen Asian-Americans entering in 1980; Tribal Legal Development Clinic; Barker donation; and nation’s first endowed academic chair in sexual orientation law. 

UCLA Daily Bruin and Other Local Papers

Current issues of the Daily Bruin are online, and much of the microfilm has been digitized and made available through the Internet Archive.  Other local papers from 1949-1959 include the L.A. Daily Journal, the L.A. Examiner, the Westwood Hills Press, and the Valley Times, and their articles feature the new Law School, building, dean, scholarship awards, moot court competition, top students, bar approval, clerkships, and women graduates.