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UCLA School of Law History Archive: Announcement, Docket & Magazine

This guide provides an inventory of the Law Library's archive of resources relating to the history of the UCLA School of Law

Law School Announcement and Bulletin (1949-2005)

From its inception in 1949, the Law School Announcement provides a brief description of the Law School and its origins, the library, courses of instruction, graduation requirements, fees, scholarships and prizes, and a list of faculty and administrators. By 1959, issues also provide information on student organizations (particularly, Law Review, Pound Competition, Order of the Coif, Law Student Association). By 1969, issues expand on the discussion of programs of study and also discuss student activities. In 1971-72, the Announcement/Bulletin also included the admissions application. By 1978, the Announcement/Bulletin provides information on the educational program, including the curriculum, dual degree programs, special field programs, and the clinical program. By 1980 and following, the Announcement/Bulletin began including more information aimed at prospective students, such as information about Southern California, the University, student profiles, student services, faculty biographies, and more detailed information about the admissions process.

The Docket (1956-2004)

The UCLA law student newspaper, the Docket, provides an interesting array of articles highlighting early plans to expand the Law School, early development and expansion of the curriculum, bits and pieces of the history of the alumni association and fundraising efforts, scholarship funds, student organizations, notable students (Law Review editors, moot court finalists), arrival of various professors and deans, early statistics on growth of the Law School, bar results, changes in the size and demographics of the student body, expansion of the library, early legal aid programs, number of applicants, international student and scholar exchange, and job placement of graduates.

The digitized Docket is available on 

The UCLA Law Magazine (1978-present)

The UCLA Law Magazine contains faculty news and profiles, including new appointments, promotions, recent scholarship and activities, and class notes, which discuss alumni employment and personal milestones.   

Articles highlight the launch of forums and colloquia, dedications of newly named rooms and library and student lounges, creation of endowments, inauguration of new lectures, conferences, programs, centers, clinics, campaigns and gifts, student achievements (clerkships), profiles of remarkable graduates (such as the first African-American graduate, Billy Mills, and judges), important visitors (Supreme Court justices), teaching award recipients, 50th reunion and anniversary, the Law School musical, law school class profiles, and deans’ annual reports. 

The magazine is online from 2000 to the present.