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MyLaw Help

This guide is designed to provide help using MyLaw to the UCLA School of Law community. If you need additional assistance, please email:

Creating and Maintaining Information Pages

The Department Information page is the landing/home page of your MyLaw site. You can create a single home page for everyone, or you can create home pages targeted towards different audiences, e.g., students, staff, faculty, all students, non-law students, etc.

Please make sure that each audience has a
Department Information page targeted to it.

Creating Your Department Information page

(Note the items marked with a red asterisk are required fields)

Make sure you are on your "Portal Content Management/Targeting Site" (See "Getting to Department Site Management" to the left)

  1. Locate your Department Information Web part and in the lower left corner, click on "Add new item."

    (Please note that this displays any active events.)
  1. Add a Title to your page or link (required)
  1. Office Hours (optional)
  1. Office Location (optional)

  1. Phone, Fax, Email Address (optional)
  1. Miscellaneous Content Body. Use this field to provide more detailed information about your Department, Center or Student Org.

    NOTE: Copying content directly from Word will cause formatting problems. Be sure to paste your content into a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit first, then copy that text and paste into your content area.

When you click into the content area, controls appear at the top of the form (see sample below) that you can use to make formatting changes to your content, such as adding italics, bulleted lists, links (see linking instructions) or tables. Please do not apply "your own font." If you would like a training session on more advanced features of content editing, please email

  1. Add images or documents, if desired.

See separate box about adding images in MyLaw.

To link to a document from your information page, see the linking to documents box on the Documents page. 

  1. Select your targeted audience(s) for the page
  1. Click "Save"

Editing Your Department Information Page

Position your cursor to the right of the title for the page you wish to update; click on the down arrow; and, select Edit Item:

Make your changes and click "Save" when you are done.