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MyLaw Help

This guide is designed to provide help using MyLaw to the UCLA School of Law community. If you need additional assistance, please email:

What is the MyLaw Calendar?

The MyLaw Calendar aggregates all school news, announcements, events and deadlines created in MyLaw. While you will receive this information targeted to you on your MyLaw Home page and/or by email, the complete list of all MyLaw communications can be found in the MyLaw Calendar. Additionally, the entries in the calendar are searchable or can be filtered by department, program or organization. The Calendar has three sections: 

  • All News & Announcements - this area displays all current news and announcements in MyLaw that have been targeted to your role in the school.  (see instructions for viewing all audiences below). This part is searchable and filterable to make finding specific postings quickly and easily.
  • All Events & Deadlines (Calendar View) - this area displays a calendar view of all events and deadlines for all audiences.
  • Upcoming Events & Deadline (List View) - this displays upcoming events and deadlines targeted to you

School Announcements

MyLaw announcements/events are targeted to specific user audiences, so by default, you will only see those items targeted to you.  In MyLaw, announcements, as well as events in the School Calendar, come from "Departments." At the UCLA School of Law this includes:

  1. Administrative Departments (Office of the Dean, Career Services, Library, etc.)
  2. Programs & Centers (Environmental Law Program, Critical Race Studies Program, etc.)
  3. Student Organizations (SBA, American Constitution Society, etc.)
  4. Publications (UCLA Law Review, JELP, etc.)

In the All News & Announcements section of the Calendar, you will find the announcements and events displaying with the newest and/or items with the least number of impressions at the top. 

  • Use the search box to find an announcement or event by keyword.
  • Use the pull down menu to filter the announcements and events by a specific department, program, center or organization.
  • Click on the Announcement title to view full information.

School Calendar

Unlike All News & Announcements in the Calendar, the section called All Events and Deadlines shows a calendar view of events and deadlines in the school targeted to ALL AUDIENCES

  • Using the arrow buttons moves the calendar forward and backward in time. 
  • You also have the option to display a particular day or an entire month.
  • Hover over the event to view the complete title.
  • Click on the event for full details.

Announcement Lingo

  1. Read Requirement: Some announcements will have a "READ REQUIREMENT." This means that you will have to click the title to view the announcement and check the box next to "Is Read?" at the bottom of the page (under "Item Status") before you can hide it from your home page.
  2. Deadlines: Other announcements may have a deadline attached to them.  Deadlines will show in your "My Reminders" section on your MyLaw home page during the week they are due. You will not be able to hide them and they will remain there until the deadline is passed.
  3. RSVP Requested: You will also see Events in MyLaw with RSVP requests. To RSVP, simply click the radio button next to "Yes, I would like to attend." Alternatively you may indicate that you are not attending or you may change your RSVP status (Please note that some events may have an RSVP deadline). Items with RSVPs also include iCAL links, so you can export the event to your preferred calendar program. 

My Reminders

My Reminders is a helpful section on your home page that includes the following:

  • Events for which you've RSVP'd within MyLaw
  • MyLaw announcements/ opportunities that include Deadlines (deadlines will display in the week they are due and cannot be hidden)

My Reminders displays your next 10 reminders or, if you have more than 10 upcoming items within the week, all of your reminders will display for the week.