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Employment Law: Federal and California Sources: 2. California

This guide includes general secondary sources and online government resources. Specialized topics include employment discrimination & harassment, wage & hour law, employee privacy, independent contractors, and workers' compensation.

California General Secondary Sources

Advising California Employers and Employees.  Bonnie Bouge, et al. (CEB, 2005- )

This is a three volume set which provides information on a variety of topics within employment law including hiring, compensation and benefits, recordkeeping requirements, trade secrets, safety, privacy, discrimination, harassment, whistle blowing, discipline and termination, reductions in force, arbitration of employment disputes and public employment issues.  Each chapter is written by one or more practitioners in the field.

Library: KFC 556 .A933 (Stacks); also online via CEB OnLaw (See "Employment Law"; UCLA Law School only)



California Employment Law.  M. Kirby Wilcox, et al. (Matthew Bender, 1989- ).

This is perhaps the most extensive of the general California employment law treatises.  There are ninety chapters, organized into four volumes, covering the following topics:  wage and hour laws, employee illnesses and injuries, employer liability to third parties for conduct of employees, equal employment opportunity, employee privacy rights, wrongful termination and related disputes, trade secrets and unfair competition, unemployment and state disability insurance and alternative dispute resolution. 

Library: KFC 556 .C35 (Stacks)
Lexis: CALIFORNIA EMPLOYMENT LAW (*ID/Password Required)



California Employment Law.  Lindsay Hutner & Erin Pulaski (PLI Plus, 2022- ).

A comprehensive California employment law treatise.  "Among other important topics, California Employment Law covers the essentials of the employment relationship, including mutual rights and duties, duration, and termination; discrimination based on such factors as gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, religion, and national origin; workplace harassment; leaves of absence; wage and hour rules; trade secrets; employment torts; and whistleblowing. It analyzes key provisions of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), the California Labor Code and Wage Orders, and state leave laws. In addition, it provides extensive coverage of local leave and wage ordinances. Further, the treatise highlights the significant differences between California employment law and federal laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”)."  --From the Publisher



California Practice Guide: Employment Litigation.  Ming W. Chin, et al.  (Rutter Group, 2001- ). 

This Practice Guide has nineteen chapters, organized into three volumes, covering a wide range of employment law topics.  It is probably the most well-known California guide.

Library: KFC 572 .A6 C35 (Reserve)
Westlaw: TRG-CAEMPL (*ID/Password Required)



Employment Damages and Remedies, Hillary Jo Benham-Baker et al.  (CEB, 2012- ).

Includes remedies for breach of contract, wrongful termination and other tort claims, remedies under employment discrimination and other employee rights statutes, equitable remedies, punitive damages, and more.  

Library: KFC1028.L33 E47 (Stacks); also online via CEB OnLaw (UCLA Law School only)



Handling a Wrongful Termination Action: Here’s How and When to Do It.  William M. Crosby.  (CEB Action Guide, 2019).

This is a detailed practice guide for plaintiff’s attorneys taking them through the steps of representing a terminated employee from collecting facts to posttrial motions.

Library: KFC 995 .A1 C34 (Reserve); also online via CEB OnLaw (UCLA Law School only)



Wrongful Employment Termination Practice, 2nd ed.  William C. Quackenbush, et al.  (CEB, 1997- ).

This source is a two-volume set covering the substantive law behind a variety of common employment law actions and litigation strategy for attorneys involved in such cases.  Each of the sixteen chapters is written by employment law practitioners.

Library: KFC 1028 .L33 W761 (Stacks); also online via CEB OnLaw (UCLA Law School only)