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This guide includes general secondary sources and online government resources. Specialized topics include employment discrimination & harassment, wage & hour law, employee privacy, independent contractors, and workers' compensation.

Guide Overview

The following guide describes selected online resources and materials available at the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library regarding federal and California employment law. 

This guide is divided into three sections and each section includes materials regarding federal and California laws. 

The first section is “Online Government Resources.”  The governmental agencies responsible for the administration and enforcement of employment laws publish information useful to researchers.  The Websites of each agency provide a wide array of information, such as statutes and regulations, agency opinion letters and guides explaining the various statutes and rules enforced by the agency. 

The second section, “General Secondary Sources,” identifies selected secondary sources specific to employment law.  In this section multi-topic resources are emphasized.  These sources provide a good introduction to employment law, and some of the sources also have in-depth discussions of various topics within employment law. 

The third section, “Topical Resources,” is organized by subtopic within employment law, such as discrimination and wage and hour law, and identifies sources specific to each subtopic.  Note that many of these specific topics will also be discussed in resources found in the "General Secondary Sources" section.

*NOTE: UCLA School of Law provides Bloomberg Law, LexisNexis & Westlaw accounts for UCLA law students, faculty, and staff only.

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