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United Nations Materials

An introductory guide to finding United Nations documents and International case law.

International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has two roles: it decides cases of international law between separate countries and it issues advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by the UN. Its materials are published separately from the rest of the UN; thus, its cases and other materials are not found in the main databases that include other UN documents, such as UNBISnet and AccessUN. Instead, ICJ documents can be found in the materials described below:

1, Online Resources 

1, Print Resources 

Permanent Court of International Justice

The Permanent Court of International Justice was the precursor to the International Court of Justice.  Established in 1922, it was associated with, though not a part of, the League of Nations.  It was dissolved in 1946.

1, Online Resources 

2, Print Resources