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United Nations Materials

An introductory guide to finding United Nations documents and International case law.

Older Materials

Coverage of older materials in many of the resources listed above can be spotty.  If you are having difficulty finding older materials, a good source to consult is the United Nations Documents Index System, located in the YRL Reference Reading Room (JX 1977 .A22).  This is a comprehensive set, issued by the UN, indexing all documents by both subject and document number.

Official Documents

If you are unable to locate an official document in any of the resources listed above, use the microfiche set located in YRL on Level A in the Microfiche Room.  This set has complete coverage of official UN documents from 1946-present, and is organized by “Readex” year and UN Document Symbol.

For more information on using the microfiche set, see How to Use the Readex United Nations Documents and Publications Collection at the YRL Government Resources Table.