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Bankruptcy Law

A guide to help locate bankruptcy law treatises and practice materials, federal statutes, court rules, judicial opinions, and company information available in the UCLA Law Library and online.


This guide contains a selection of recommended resources for locating relevant primary and secondary authority useful for bankruptcy law research.


Print and online resources

Free online resources

Glossaries and Dictionaries

Bankruptcy practitioners and scholars may use words and terms unique to this practice area. Use these resources as a starting place for unfamiliar terminology.


Legal research steps

When you first begin researching a bankruptcy law issue, consider following these initial research steps:

  • Define the issue, including looking up any terms you do not understand, asking clarifying questions (check our list of Bankuruptcy Glossaries and Dictionaries above), and creating a list of searchable terms and concepts
  • Determine the jurisdiction
  • Consult topical treatises and practice guides
  • Identify relevant statutes, bankruptcy rules, civil rules, or local rules, and review them carefully
  • Conduct case law research
  • Update your research
  • Repeat the steps as necessary