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This guide provides resources to help first year law students get started with Law School and become more familiar with the Law Library, UCLA and Westwood.
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  • Law School Materials for Success
    This helpful resource is available as a PDF and Word document, but also has a Kindle and iPad version! It can also be purchased in paperback for $5.14!

Just for LLMs

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The International Students' Survival Guide to Law School in the United States - Rachel Gader-Shafran
Call Number: KF283 .G33 2003
ISBN: 0595278361
"The Survival Guide" is designed to provide practical and comprehensible information to International Students coming to US law schools. Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you know what to do before you come to law school? Do you know what to do when you get to law school? D you know how to organize for classes? Do you know you how to participate in class discussions? Do you know how to brief a case? Do you know how to outline and study for exams? Do you know how to attack writing papers? Do you know how to prepare for oral arguments? If the answer is "NO" then you need "The Survival Guide". "Rachel Gader-Shafran has written an indispensable guide for law graduates of international universities. She writes with clarity and the authority that comes from having graduated from a leading US law school and teaching International students for many years. I would advise international law graduates interested in studying in US law schools to read this book. Your investment in it will be repaid many times." -Thomas O. Sargentich, Professor of Law Director, LLM Program on Law and Government American University, Washington College of Law

Cover Art
Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing for International Graduate Students - Nadia E. Nedzel
Call Number: KF240 .N43 2012 (Location: Reserves)
ISBN: 1454805501
Publication Date: 2012-08-07
Legal Reasoning, Research, and Writing for International Graduate Students helps readers understand and approach legal research and writing assignments the way attorneys do in the United States. Since most students will have studied civil law and some comparative law, but are unfamiliar with U.S. legal culture, the book begins by comparing common and civil law and then builds practical skills on this foundation. This comparative law perspective helps explain unique and important features of the United States legal system....

Cover Art
LL. M. Roadmap: An International Student's Guide to U.S. Law School Programs - George Edwards
Call Number: KF272 .E385 2011
ISBN: 1454802391
Like an atlas, the LL.M. Roadmap: An International Student's Guide to U.S.Master of Laws Programs


Financial Aid

CALI Lessons

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction offers online tutorials on legal research, legal writing, all substantive topic covered in this guide and more. Most lessons are an hour or less. To get a student authorization code to set up a CALI account, email lawlibrary@law.ucla.edu.


  Planning for the Bar During Your First Year of Law School

 NOTE: 1Ls who intend to sit for the California Bar Exam must register with the California State Bar as a student within the first 90 days of beginning law school. The fee for law student registration is $97.00, effective January 1, 2010. The Registration Application is not the same as the application to take the California Bar Exam. Once you register as a student, make sure you make a note of your registration number: you will use it on all subsequent applications and correspondence with the State Bar.

If you plan on taking a commercial Bar review course such as BARBRI, consider signing up for the course during your first year if you are concerned about price increases in the following years.

Your required first-year courses will provide coverage for 6 of the 12 Bar Exam subjects: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property, and Torts. Make sure you pay attention in these classes, as their subjects will be tested twice--in the MBE and the Bar Exam.

Visit the Guide "Preparing for the California Bar Exam and MPRE" for more information.


REQUIRED Reading for all UCLA Law 1Ls


Introduction to Law School

For more true tales of the Law School experience, see the Law School Memoir section.

Cover Art
The Bramble Bush - Karl N. Llewellyn; Steve Sheppard (Introduction by)
Call Number: KF272 .L55 2008
ISBN: 0195368452
For over seventy years, there has been one book that law students have read to prepare for what they were about to encounter. That book is The Bramble Bush. After all these years and many imitators, The Bramble Bush remains one of the most popular introductions to the law and its study. Llewellyn introduces students to what the law is, how to read cases, how to prepare for class, and how justice in the real world relates to the law. Although laws change every year, disputes between people haven't altered all that much since Llewellyn first penned The Bramble Bush, and the process of moving from private dispute to legal conflict still follows the patterns he described. Moreover, the steps of a legal dispute, from arguments to verdict, to opinion, to review, to appeal, to opinion have changed little in their significance or their substance. Cases are still the best tools for exploring the interaction of the law with individual questions, and the essence of what law students must learn to do has persisted. If anything, many of the points Llewellyn argued in these lectures were on the dawning horizon then but are in their mid-day fullness now.


Succeeding in Law School

All titles below are in the Stacks unless otherwise indicated.

Cover Art
From Here to Attorney - J. Robert Arnett; Arthur Coon; Michael DiGeronimo
Call Number: KF272 .A76 1993 (Location: Reference Reading Room)
ISBN: 0912045531
From Here to Attorney gives an insider's look at law school. It examines the total law school experience -- from choosing the right law school and studying effectively to securing that first job and passing the bar exam. More comprehensive and in-depth than other law school guides, this book also includes sample legal documents and study aids.A pleasure to read...loaded with insight and valuable advice. -- Steven H. Shiffrin Professor of Law, Cornell University

Cover Art
Excelling in Law School - A Complete Approach - Jason C. Miller
Call Number: KF272 .M548 2013
ISBN: 0735599246
Written by a recent law school graduate with an extraordinary success story, Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach transcends merely surviving the experience, demonstrating how to earn high grades by working smart, excel in extracurricular activities, publish, and land top jobs. The author aced his first year at a fourth tier law school and transferred to a top-10 school from which he graduated, magna cum laude. Now, he shares his insights and his experience, surpassing expectations set by his less-than-lustrous LSAT scores. Miller relieves some of the anxiety about law school by conveying proven strategies that will appeal to today's tech-savvy law student. He outlines the available resources and study-aids and shows how to effectively use new technologies such as websites that distribute outlines, companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses, student-maintained outline banks, recorded lectures, professor podcasts, and PowerPoint slides. Students learn the specific, unique skills required to approach law reviews and scholarships and to hunt for jobs. Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach observes successful tactics used by other students and guides readers in selecting the strategies and resources that best fit each personality. Features of Excelling in Law School: A unique book written by a recent law school graduate with a stunning success story Goes beyond the basics of surviving law school earning high grades excelling in extracurricular activities publishing landing top jobs Helps students excel shows how to work smart relieves some anxiety about law school conveys proven strategies Designed for today's tech-savvy law student Showcases the study-aid market and effective use new technologies websites that distribute outlines companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses student-maintained outline banks recorded lectures professor podcasts PowerPoint slides Reveals effective, specific skills and unique approaches law reviews scholarships job-hunting Outlines available resources Illustrates the author's personal success, one that can be tailored for any law school student how the author personally aced each area strategies and tactics observed in use by other students how to select the strategy and resources that best fit the reader's personality

Cover Art
Starting off Right in Law School - Carolyn J. Nygren
Call Number: KF273 .N97 2011
ISBN: 1594608253
Law school is different. Incoming students, confronted with an entirely new vocabulary and unfamiliar with the discipline s unique and demanding educational methods, are often disoriented. This book is designed to give these students a head start, both by introducing them to the fundamentals of the legal process and by helping them acquire the study skills necessary for success. Starting Off Right in Law School introduces new law students to the practice and study of law by following a lawsuit from its inception through the appeals process, illustrating what lawyers actually do, how they prepare, how they interact with clients and in courtrooms, how a lawsuit proceeds, and how students can effectively read and analyze cases, outline, and apply what they have learned on the exams. Widely used in law schools, the first edition of Starting Off Right in Law School prepared new law students to excel in doctrinal courses. The second edition has been updated to prepare students both for the broader demands of doctrinal courses and for the more distinct reading and writing demands of legal writing courses. This book is the perfect tool for pre-law students to read on their own or for law school orientation required reading.

Cover Art
Law School - Michael S. Ariens
Call Number: KF283 .A75 2010
ISBN: 1594604436

Cover Art
A Student's Guide to Law School: What Counts, What Helps and What Matters - Andrew B. Ayers
Call Number: KF283 .A984 2013
ISBN: 022606722X
Law school can be a joyous, soul-transforming challenge that leads to a rewarding career. It can also be an exhausting, self-limiting trap. It all depends on making smart decisions. When every advantage counts, A Student's Guide to Law School is like having a personal mentor available at every turn. As a recent graduate and an appellate lawyer, Andrew Ayers knows how high the stakes are--he's been there, and not only did he survive the experience, he graduated first in his class. In A Student's Guide to Law School he shares invaluable insight on what it takes to make a successful law school journey. Originating in notes Ayers jotted down while commuting to his first clerkship with then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor, and refined throughout his first years as a lawyer, A Student's Guide to Law School offers a unique balance of insider's knowledge and professional advice. Organized in four parts, the first part looks at tests and grades, explaining what's expected and exploring the seven choices students must make on exam day. The second part discusses the skills needed to be a successful law student, giving the reader easy-to-use tools to analyze legal materials and construct clear arguments. The third part contains advice on how to use studying, class work, and note-taking to find your best path. Finally, Ayers closes with a look beyond the classroom, showing students how the choices they make in law school will affect their career--and even determine the kind of lawyer they become. The first law school guide written by a recent top-ranked graduate, A Student's Guide to Law School is relentlessly practical and thoroughly relevant to the law school experience of today's students. With the tools and advice Ayers shares here, students can make the most of their investment in law school, and turn their valuable learning experiences into a meaningful career.

Cover Art
Law School Success - Ann Burkhart; Robert A. Stein
Call Number: KF283 .B87 2008 (Location: Reserve)
ISBN: 031416779X
It answers questions students have as they begin their studies. What is a tort? Hornbook? Should I join a study group? It also explains and gives examples of the best methods for studying and for taking exams. It provides questions and model answers from actual law school exams. The Nutshell also provides information about the types of legal practice that are available to you when you graduate. And it describes the opportunities that will be available to you during your second and third years of law school, such as law journals, law clinics, internships, joint degree programs, and study abroad.

Cover Art
Planet Law School II: What You Need to Know (Before You Go) -- But Didn't Know to Ask -- And No One Else Will Tell You - Atticus Falcon
Call Number: KF283 .F35 2003
ISBN: 1888960507
This book contains 30 detailed chapters, plus addenda and additional material that set out everything a law student must do to excel in law school ...an absolute requirement for getting a good law job. It is completely updated, with an analysis of hundreds of legal resources and the realities of law school and the legal profession. Its 800 pages are an exhaustive and unique compendium of materials, advice, and precaution for the law student or soon-to-be law student.

Cover Art
Asked and Answered (Volume 2): Advice for Second-Year Law Students - Donna Gerson
Call Number: KF283 .G47 2008
ISBN: 0314194851
Asked & Answered provides practical responses to the most commonly-asked questions that second-year students have regarding career issues: where to find the right job this summer, building a great resume, writing a compelling cover letter, networking advice, and much more. Answers are provided by successful attorneys, law school professors, and career service professionals. These answers will enable students to gain a competitive edge, use all of the resources at their disposal, and succeed in their professional lives.

Cover Art
Asked and Answered (Volume 1): Your Guide to Law School Success - Donna Gerson
Call Number: KF283 .G47 2008
ISBN: 0314190880
Publication Date: 2008-04-25
Asked and Answered provides practical answers to the most basic questions that pre-law and first-year students ask. Answers are provided by successful attorneys, law school professors, and career service professionals. These answers will allow students to gain a competitive edge and begin law school with confidence.

Cover Art
Law School 101: How to Succeed in Your First Year of Law School and Beyond (2nd ed.) - R. Stephanie Good
Call Number: KF283 .G66 2009
ISBN: 1572486961
Publication Date: 2009-06-01
Everything you need to know to excel in your first year of law school and beyond.

Whether you are thinking about law school, have already applied and been accepted, or started your first year, you need to know what to expect in law school and how to succeed. Law School 101 gives an honest look at the law school experience from someone who has been there, and tells students what they should really expect. It also helps students develop the skills necessary to survive the challenges and excel in their program. It includes the survival skills you need in key areas, including:
•Handling the pressure of law school
• What to expect from your classes and professors
• How to study for and pass your law school exams
• Job information for first and second year students

Avoid common pitfalls, decode law school myths, and achieve your dream.

Cover Art
A Woman's Guide to Law School - Linda R. Hirshman
Call Number: KF283 .H57 1999
ISBN: 014026437X
Which law schools help their students succeed? What makes someone a successful law student? What determines a law school graduate's future success? A Woman's Guide to Law School provides the answers, while addressing, specifically, the needs and interests of the female student. Linda Hirshman's fresh approach gives women the advice they need--information the law schools often won't tell them. Why do admissions tests seem so scary? Which law schools are good for women--and which are not? How do successful students study in the all-important first year? How do successful students make law review? How do they prepare for their first professional job interviews? In addition to these fundamentals, women will learn about the culture of their law schools, including which law faculties make women squirm and which have politics and policies women can embrace. A Woman's Guide to Law School identifies the schools at which women can do their best at every level of status or selectivity, so no matter where you get in, you can pick the best place for you. With statistics and data--as well as stories of successful women law students--A Woman's Guide to Law School will empower women so they can make wise choices and seize control over their own education and careers.

Cover Art
Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience: By Students, for Students - Robert H. Miller
Call Number: KF283 .M55 2011
ISBN: 0312605110
I WISH I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW! Don't get to the end of your law school career muttering these words to yourself! Take the first step toward building a productive, successful, and perhaps even pleasant law school experience-read this book! Written by students, for students, Law School Confidential has been the "must-have" guide for anyone thinking about, applying to, or attending law school for more than a decade. And now, in this newly revised third edition, it's more valuable than ever.This isn't the advice of graying professors or battle-scarred practitioners long removed from law school. Robert H. Miller has assembled a blue-ribbon panel of recent graduates from across the country to offer realistic and informative firsthand advice about what law school is really like.This updated edition contains the very latest information and strategies for thriving and surviving in law school-from navigating the admissions process and securing financial aid, choosing classes, studying and exam strategies, and securing a seat on the law review to getting a judicial clerkship and a job, passing the bar exam, and much, much more. Newly added material also reveals a sea change that is just starting to occur in legal education, turning it away from the theory-based platform of the previous several decades to a pragmatic platform being demanded by the rigors of today's practices. Law School Confidential is a complete guide to the law school experience that no prospective or current law student can afford to be without.

Cover Art
Demystifying the First Year of Law School: A Guide to the 1L Experience. - Albert J. Moore and David A. Binder.
Call Number: KF283 .M66 2010
ISBN: 0735584494
Demystifying the First Year of Law School: A Guide to the 1L Experience provides law students with explicit frameworks for reading and analyzing court opinions in all first year courses. Using hypothetical classroom dialogues, the book explains how these frameworks will help student understand and participate in classroom discussions, answer questions on exams, and use the skills learned in the first year when representing clients in practice. Unraveling the mysteries of the first year of law school, authors Moore and Binder provide clear definitions, along with concrete examples, of the two types of legal issues typically addressed in court opinions illustrations of the six types of arguments routinely used by courts, lawyers and professors to resolve legal issues. These illustrations should help students understand a court's rationale for its decision and help students make legal arguments on exams and in practice a straightforward explanation for the use of the question-and-answer format in first year classrooms, with numerous illustrative examples of hypothetical in-class dialogues a step-by-step approach for briefing court opinions in preparation for class, along with a companion website with illustrative examples of case briefs of court opinions in subjects addressed in first year courses. Written by top scholars drawing on their experience as authors and educators, Demystifying the First Year of Law School: A Guide to the1L Experience, gives the benefit of experience to the uninitiated. It's ideal as a companion to any first year course, as a text in a legal methods or academic support course, or as background for a law school orientation program. A Teacher's Manual is available at www/aspenlawschool.com/books/moorebinder.

Cover Art
How to Succeed in Law School - Gary A. Munneke
Call Number: KF283 .M86 2008 (Location: Reference Reading Room)
ISBN: 0764139797
Updated to reflect the current law school experience, this book offers an insightful head start to college students who plan to go on to law school. The author describes the day-to-day law school experience, discussing the subjects to be studied and the typical procedures that define the law school environment. He also advises on methods for taking useful lecture notes, developing effective study habits, doing library research, coping with tests, and handling the inevitable stresses that are a part of law school. Here is a book that prospective law school students will find both interesting and practical.

Cover Art
The Zen of Law School Success - Chad Noreuil
Call Number: KF283 .N67 2011
ISBN: 1611631211
The Zen of Law School Success offers a comprehensive approach to succeeding in law school. Zen is about simplicity, balance, knowing your universe, knowing yourself, and staying focused on the path to enlightenment. Similarly, these principles should be the foundation for success in law school, and this book details how to put these principles into practice in order to maximize your ability to have a successful law school career.

Like the Zen path to enlightenment, law school success is about balance (between studying and other aspects of life, as well as balancing your study time between subjects, outlining, etc.), knowing your universe (knowing not only the subject matter tested, but knowing how the questions are constructed, knowing what to look for, etc.), knowing yourself (what type of essay writer you are, what type of learner you are, what type of exam taker you are, etc.), and staying focused on your path (when to study, what to do when you are stressed out, what to do when you don¿t know a subject very well, etc.).

In addition to offering a comprehensive approach to succeeding in law school, the book also offers practical advice for doing well during the classroom Socratic method, navigating the law school environment, managing law school stress, and getting a job after graduation. Moreover, the Zen of Law School Success focuses on doing well on final exams, including specific strategies and tips for both essay and multiple choice exams. The book includes many exercises and model answers that will benefit any law student and is an ideal resource for any law school Academic Achievement Program.

Cover Art
Acing Your First Year of Law School: The Ten Steps to Success You Won't Learn in Class - Shana Connell Noyes; Henry S. Noyes
Call Number: KF283 .N69 2008
ISBN: 0837714109
First published in 1999, Acing has gone on to become one of the bestselling law school preparation books of all time. It has been recommended by the pre-law advisory office of numerous universities, by a variety of legal organizations, law school admissions consultant services and law school student organizations. It also has been favorably discussed many times on various law school discussion boards and blogs. Why? Because it has helped tens of thousands of law students ace their first year of law school! Ask every law student you know and they will tell you the same thing-the first year of law school (1L) is the most important, but it can be the most frustrating. Law professors generally use the "Socratic Method." Under the Socratic Method, law professors do not teach students the law. Instead, they leave you on your own to figure out the "answer" from a series of questions. After months of confusion, 1L students finally realize that the study of law requires ten basic skills. By then, however, exams are looming or may be over! Here is a manual that teaches you these ten skills so you can start learning your first day and ace your first year of law school. Law schools throughout the country have caught on. Acing has been required reading for a number of 1L courses and suggested reading for incoming and 1L students at many law schools, including Akron, Appalachian, Arizona, California Western, Chapman, Charleston, Denver, Georgia, Georgia State, Hamline, Hastings, Hawaii, Hofstra, Houston, LSU, McGeorge, Mercer, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York Law School, Northeastern, Oklahoma City, Pace, Roger Williams, Samford, Seattle, St. Louis, Suffolk, Thomas Jefferson, Texas Southern (Thurgood Marshall), Texas Tech, Touro, Washburn, University of Washington, Whittier, William & Mary and Wisconsin. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Succeeding in Law School - Herbert N. Ramy
Call Number: KF283 .R36 2006 (Location: Reference Reading Room)
ISBN: 1594601895
As the Director of Suffolk University Law School's Academic Support Program, Ramy begins receiving phone calls from new 1Ls as early as May. Their common question? "What do I need to do to succeed in law school?" Ramy has written Succeeding in Law School to provide an answer. Just as importantly, the text was also written with the Academic Support Professional in mind. The book is mindful of the rigorous learning environment students face. Each chapter and the accompanying exercises can be completed in a modest amount of time. The book incorporates examples, a few cases, hypotheticals, and exercises so that students can practice their new skills and measure their progress. In addition to students receiving the feedback they crave, the exercises allow professors to assess students' progress throughout the semester. Whether students are seeking advice in the summer months or are coming in for help once the school year has begun, this book can be an important tool for helping them get the most out of their abilities.

Cover Art
The Law School Lowdown: secrets of success from the application process to landing the first job - J.D., Ian E., Ian E Scott, , J.D.
Call Number: KF283 .S37 2013
ISBN: 143800317X
If you're a law school student, or if you're planning to apply to law school, you'll find the practical guidance you'll need for success--plus tips on pitfalls to avoid--when you open this important new book. Written by a recent Harvard Law School graduate who is currently associated with major Wall Street law firm, this brand-new blueprint for legal accomplishment gets down to specifics with-- The law school application process and tips on taking the important Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Selecting a law school, applying for scholarships, and deciding between top-ranked and lower-ranked schools Making the grade during that vital first year at law school The best courses to take in second and third years The advantages of publishing papers while in law school Seeking out summer positions at law firms Taking and passing state bar exams Finding employment at a law firm after graduation Other post-law school options, including judicial clerkships Valuable appendices give you still more advice, and include a completed model law school application form, effective résumés, a model brief of a case for class, and much more. Written by a successful attorney and based on his own law school experiences,The Law School Lowdownzeroes-in on both the rigors and satisfactions that comprise the law school experience, offering the advice and counsel that will pave your way to a successful career in law.

Cover Art
Law School Labyrinth - Steven R. Sedberry
Call Number: KF283 .S43 2011
ISBN: 1607148617
You're in! Now what? As tough as getting into law school is, navigating the maze of social and academic requirements to make the most of a legal education can be even more difficult. Law School Labyrinth will guide students through law school from orientation to graduation and beyond.Law School Labyrinth is designed to help law students maximize their law school experience by offering essential strategies for success. Author Steven Sedberry, who left a 20-year big business career to pursue his law degree, provides a unique perspective on maximizing the law school experience and a no-nonsense approach to planning for the future. By following his "been there, done that" advice, students will learn how to read legal opinions, participate in Socratic dialogue, and assimilate and retain information necessary to succeed on law school exams. Going beyond the classroom, Law School Labyrinth provides information on summer clerkships and career advice. Fully updated and revised, Law School Labyrinth is the consummate road map for maneuvering law school.

Cover Art
Bridging the Gap Between College and Law School: Strategies for Success - Ruta K. Stropus; Charlotte D. Taylor
Call Number: KF283 .S77 2009
ISBN: 159460603X
This popular book helps students make the transition from their undergraduate experience to law school learning. Unlike other ¿introduction to law school¿ texts, Bridging the Gap offers a different approach because it: Explains the ¿why¿ of law, providing students with the context necessary to understand why law school is taught in a certain manner. Explains the ¿how¿ of the law, setting out a step-by-step process that will help students adapt to the law school setting. Explains the ¿what¿ of the law, giving students the opportunity to practice the problem-solving process by providing numerous exercises in a variety of subject matter areas. Rather than giving only general advice, or black letter law and some practice problems for a specific subject, Bridging the Gap provides the context, the process, and the problems. Written by two former law school professors who used these techniques with thousands of students, Bridging the Gap is a guide to what really works in law school.

Cover Art
The Law School Buzz Book - edited by Diana Senechal and the staff of Vault
Call Number: KF285 .L363 2004 (Location: Reference Reading Room)
ISBN: 1581312962

Cover Art
Later-in-Life Lawyers - Charles Cooper; Thane Messinger (Foreword by)
Call Number: KF287 .C66 2012
ISBN: 1888960167
Publication Date: 2012-03-15
Law school is a scary place for any new student. For an older (nontraditional) student, it can be intimidating as well as being ill-designed for the needs of an older, second-career student with children and a mortgage. In its second edition, this book compiles unique advice from the author and dozens of current and former law students, on such matters as dealing with families and children, the LSAT and GPAs for the older student, the law school application process and law school rankings for non-traditional students, paying for law school, surviving first year and non-academic hurdles, and the occasional skeleton in the non-traditional closet. The second edition adds a 50-page discussion on the current financial crisis, student loans, and surviving the dismal job market for law graduates.

Cover Art
McClurg's 1L of a Ride - Andrew J. McClurg
Call Number: KF287 .M38 2013
ISBN: 0314283056
1L of a Ride provides a candid step-by-step roadmap to both academic and emotional success in law school s critical first year. Covered topics in this newly updated, revised, and expanded second edition include: top student fears, the first-year curriculum, effective class participation, types of law students and professors, case-briefing, note-taking, course-outlining, legal research and writing, exam preparation, essay and multiple-choice exam strategies, stress management, the impact of law school on outside relationships, special challenges faced by part-time and nontraditional students, and much more. Shows rather than tells with dozens of anecdotes and comments from real law students, as well as authentic samples of Socratic dialogue, exam questions, student case briefs, class notes, and course outlines. McClurg is an award-winning professor and noted legal humorist with experience teaching at several law schools.

Cover Art
The Practice of Law School: Getting in and Making the Most of Your Legal Education - Christen Civiletto Carey; Kristen David Adams
Call Number: KF297 .C58 2003
ISBN: 1588521109
Provides law students with guidance on choosing the right law school and excelling once there. This book includes the who, what, when, why, where, and how of law school, including getting into law school. It demonstrates some of the ways that law students can begin to think like practicing lawyers and attain experience that is useful.

Cover Art
Law School Without Fear - Strategies for Success - Helene S. Shapo; Marshall S. Shapo
Call Number: KF386 .S44 2009 (Location: Reference Reading Room)
ISBN: 1599414198
This concise, plain-spoken book is the single indispensable guide for beginning law students. Field-tested by students all over the country for more than a dozen years for its practicality and its psychological realism, it has proved an invaluable introduction to: Cutting through the fog of case analysis; Minimizing the bewilderment of the Socratic method; Studying law; Writing for law school; Preparing for exams and exam writing; Managing precious time; Coping with the emotional stress of law study.

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