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First Year Law Student Guide: Law School Fiction, Memoir & More

This guide provides resources to help new UCLA law students get started with Law School and become more familiar with the Law Library, UCLA and Westwood.

For Women

Law and Literature / Law and Popular Culture

This is a very brief listing of titles in these areas. Click on one of the titles below and follow the subject links for many more books on these topics. 

Legal Humor

Law School Memoir

Law School Novels

Law School Movies

The Law Library owns many more law-related films.  Visit the Law & Popular Culture Video Collection guide for a complete list.

Lawyer / Law Anecdotes, Non-Fiction, etc.

Legal Fiction

Below is a selection of legal fiction available in the Law Library Recreational Reading Collection (Tower Reading Room).  This list does not include some of those really well-known authors who write in this genre, i.e. John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Steve Martini, John Mortimer (Rumpole series), Richard North Patterson and Scott Turow, although we do have many of those titles in the TRR (shelved by author's last name).  We also have film adaptations of the Grisham and Mortimer novels in our Law & Popular Culture Video/DVD Collection