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Exam and Paper Submission Instructions and FAQs


A. How do I start my take-home exam/final paper/assignment in Examplify?

 General Instructions and Information

  • All take-home exams, final papers, and assignments will be administered using Examplify as open book/open note/open Internet.
  • Your exam will be timed and a timer will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The timer will count down, and if you haven't already finished and uploaded on your own, Examplify will automatically upload your responses when your time runs out. (Note: For exams, assignments, and papers with no time limit, please refer to Section C. Take Home Exams with Unlimited Time or Papers and Assignments with a Deadline but No Allotted Time. 
  • Your exam responses must be entered in the Examplify exam software.
  • You will need a PDF reader if you wish to print a copy of your questions (if applicable) once you have entered a take-home exam. Prior to your first take-home exam, please confirm you have a PDF reader installed on your computer. Adobe PDF is available to UCLA students. Instructions for accessing, downloading, and installing Adobe applications can be found at the IT Services knowledge base
  • An exam password will be required to enter take-home exams. Take-home exam passwords can be found in the following locations: 
    • Midterm Exams/Final Papers/Assignments: The exam password can be found on the MyLaw Midterm Exams webpage (check back for more information).  
    • Final Exams: The exam password can be found onthe Final Exam Schedule under the specific date, window, and time of each take-home exam and will be labeled with "Exam Password: ######". The exam password may not appear on the exam schedule until the morning of the start date of the take-home exam.   
  • Take-home exam/final paper/assignment templates will become available to download in Examplify when your exam window opens. 

Starting your Take-Home Exam in Examplify:

  1. Locate your exam password in the locations listed above in Section A. 
  2. Launch and log into Examplify on your computer. (If you are having trouble logging into Examplify, visit How Do I Start My In-Class Exam in Examplify?
  3. Under "My Exams" on the left side of the screen, look for (A) the name of the exam you are taking and click on it. (Note: If your exam is not appearing in the "My Exams" list, click (B) "Refresh Exam List" in the very bottom left corner of the screen. You may need to click "Refresh" a couple of times for the exam to appear.) Click on (C) "Download Exam". If you still cannot find your exam, review What Do I Do if I Cannot Find the Exam Template for My Exam in Examplify? 
  4. Once the exam is downloaded, the screen below will appear. Enter your five-digit Blind ID number (available on your MyLaw homepage) in the (A) "Exam Number" box and the exam password in the (B) "Exam Password" box. On this screen you can also view the amount of time you will have to complete the exam, if applicable (C). IMPORTANT: Your exam timer will start as soon as you enter the exam, so ensure you are ready to start before clicking on (D) "Enter." 
  5. The screen, "Do Not Start Until Instructed" will appear. Please disregard this statement to start your exam by clicking "Continue."

  6. Next, please check the box, "I am authorized to start my exam," then click "Start Exam."


B. How do I view and print the questions for my take-home exam in Examplify?

Once you have entered the exam itself, the exam questions will be attached to the exam as an “Exam-Level Attachment” and can be accessed at any time while you are taking your exam. Please refer to the screenshot below as reference.

  • To view the exam-level attachment: Select (A) Exam Controls (near the top right corner of the Examplify screen), and then select (B) Exam Attachments. The attachment will appear in a (C) pop-up window named “Exam Attachment”.
  • If you wish to print the exam questions or view them in a separate window, click the (D) gear icon (near the top right corner of the attachment window) and select (E) “Print”. This will open the questions in whichever PDF reader you have installed on your computer and will allow you to print from its application, typically using the printer icon at the top of the PDF reader screen. This will also allow you to view the questions in a side-by-side window with Examplify.
  • An additional feature on the "Exam Attachment" is the ability to (F) search and (G) highlight within the exam questions.
  • Additional Resource: Examplify has a helpful article with tips about resizing and moving pop-up windows in the attachment, using the Search Tool within the attachment, navigating in the attachment, and highlighting text within the attachment. That article can be found here.

C. How do I submit my answers in Examplify for my take-home exam/final paper/assignment?

Take-Home Exams with an Allotted Time

There is a timer at the top of your screen (view (F) on screenshot in the previous section B.). The timer will count down your time and a 5-minute alarm will appear when you have five (5) minutes remaining to complete your exam.

  • Your submission must be uploaded before the allotted time expires or by the exam window deadline, whichever is earlier, to be considered on time. Your professor will be notified if your exam submission is uploaded beyond the deadline. 
  • Before the time expires, you can upload your exam, as you typically do for in-class exams, by clicking "Submit Exam" within the Exam Controls menu.
  • IF the timer expires, a screen will appear to inform you that your "Time Limit is Reached," and the exam will be uploaded for you. Please keep track of your time to ensure your exam responses are entered in the Examplify software before the timer expires and uploads your exam.
  • If the time limit expired and your exam was uploaded for you, the status of the upload will appear on the screen.
  • If you have manually uploaded your exam before the time limit expired, you will be asked to confirm the completion of your exam. Check the box and click "Submit Exam."
  • Please make sure your exam is completely uploaded. Wait until you receive the green confirmation screen before closing your computer. Once the green confirmation screen appears, you may "Return to Dashboard."

Take-Home Exams with Unlimited Time or Papers and Assignments with a Deadline but No Allotted Time                                                 (i.e., unlimited time take-home exams, untimed paper and assignment submissions)

  • Exams labeled on the Final Exam Schedule as "Unlimited Time Take-Home" or midterm take-home exams, assignments, and final papers with a deadline but no time limit, will have the "Suspend Exam" feature enabled in Examplify. This feature will allow you to work on your exam/paper/assignment at any time throughout the window during which the assessment is open (i.e. exam period or specific submission window).
  • If you need to stop working on your assessment and plan to revisit the assessment before uploading, click on (A) "Exam Controls" then (B) "Suspend Exam." This will close the exam and you will be able to revisit the assessment in your (C) "My Exams" list on the main page of your Examplify portal.
  • IMPORTANT: There will not be a timer enabled on unlimited time take-home exams/papers/assignments. Please be sure your exam is uploaded by the deadline listed on the exam schedule for your particular exam or the deadline listed in the submission instructions email you receive from the Records Office for midterm exams, papers, and assignments. Your professor will be notified if your exam submission is uploaded beyond the deadline.


D. What do I do if I experience a computer issue during my take-home exam that results in a challenge key/resume code screen?

If at any point you encounter being removed from a take-home exam in progress (i.e., loss of computer power, computer forces a shutdown), power your computer back on right away. Examplify should automatically relaunch on your computer (if it does not automatically relaunch, you will need to manually launch the Examplify software). You will then be able to get back into your exam and continue working.

In rare instances, the screen below may appear. 

  • If this screen appears when Examplify has been relaunched and upon re-entering your exam, contact the Records Office ( or (310) 825-2025) right away. 
  • If you are taking the exam outside of Records Office business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.), you should still contact the Records Office right away and a member of the Records Office team will respond to you as soon as possible during regular business hours. 
  • Stop all work on your exam until a member of the Records Office team can help you resume your exam (you will have the remainder of any time you had left). You will be asked to provide the Records Office with a unique (A) "Challenge Key" which will appear on the Examplify screen.

Please note, your professor will be notified of the amount of time that you were out of the exam. It will be up to your professor to make a determination on how this may or may not impact the grading of your exam. (As a reminder, do not contact your professor regarding your exam as this is a violation of the UCLA Law anonymous grading policy.)