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Exam and Paper Submission Instructions and FAQs


A. How do I start my in-class exam in Examplify?

Starting your Exam in Examplify

  • Open the Examplify application that you have installed on your computer (see Examplify Installation Instructions above for help installing the software onto your computer).
  • Start entering your institution name or ID (our institution ID is uclalaw), and then select it when it appears and select Next.
  • Enter your Examplify login credentials. Use the unique username and password you received from the Records Office in an email prior to the exam (Subject: Examplify Installation and Registration Instructions). Be sure to check your junk/spam folder as this message may occasionally be delivered to a junk folder.


  • The exam template for your course will become available for download the night before your exam. When the exam is ready for download, it will appear under Ready for Download in the My Exams column of the screen.  


  • If your exam is not appearing as Ready for Download, click the Refresh Exam List at the bottom of the My Exams column (you may need to scroll down to see it). If clicking Refresh Exam List does not uncover your exam, log out of Examplify and then log back in. This will prompt Examplify to refresh your template list.


  • Click Download Exam. You may download the exam template any time before the exam begins and after the exam is available for download.
  • Once the exam has been downloaded, you may be prompted to enter your Exam Number. Your Exam Number is the same as your Blind ID Number, which you can obtain from MyLaw. For some exams, your Blind ID Number may be preloaded, but you should double-check it is accurate.



  • Click Enter. If you are prompted to close computer applications during the log-in process, we recommend that you go to each application to save any work in progress, and then exit the application. Then, return to Examplify. 
  • Once you enter the exam, you will be prompted to read the Exam Notice screens, which reviews our exam policies. Click Next to navigate through each page of exam policies after you have reviewed them.


  • The last page will instruct you to STOP before going any further. You will receive the Stop screen below. Please do not click Next or Continue until the proctor instructs you to do so.


  • Once the proctor instructs you to continue into the exam, the proctor will instruct you to click the check box, confirming you are authorized to enter the exam, and then click Start Exam.


B. How do I use the features in Examplify to take my in-class exam?

Navigating through Questions in Examplify

  • If your exam contains both multiple-choice and text-based questions, the multiple-choice section will always appear first in Examplify. The exam template in Examplify should contain the same number of multiple-choice and text-based questions as there are in your exam. Below is an example of how Examplify will appear for exams with text-based questions.


  • On the left side of the screen, you can use the question number list to select a question or navigate between questions. You also can use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate through the list of questions. In the lower right corner of the screen, you may also select the Previous button or the Next button to move between questions.


  • For exams with multiple-choice questions, there will always be seven answer selections (A-G) loaded into the exam template. On the right side of the question area, there's an eye-shaped icon for each answer choice. You can use this icon to strike out the options that you consider to be wrong answers. When ready, select the correct answer(s) by clicking on the answer you wish to select. Striking out answer choices is only for your convenience; you must select the correct answer(s) to receive credit for the question. A green check mark will appear on the right side of the question when you select your answer and the circle in the question list will entirely fill in with blue.


  • For exams with essay/text-based questions, you will be provided with spaces in which to type your essay responses. We recommend typing your responses directly into Examplify, rather than typing in Word and then copying and pasting your answer into Examplify later. Although, in the case of partially-secure exam formats, students may choose to type in a Word document and then copy and paste their response into Examplify, we cannot guarantee the formatting used in Word or another word processor will transfer exactly to Examplify. In order to minimize time spent re-formatting your response and to minimize any copy/paste errors*, we advise typing your response directly into Examplify. 

    *Please note: Please never use the "cut" function to move parts of your essay response within Examplify. Please use "copy" and "paste" functions rather than "cut" whenever you move text within your answer.

Exam-Taking Features in Examplify

When the first question appears on the screen, proceed through the exam, using the various features of the user interface as needed. Examplify saves your work automatically every 60 seconds. Additional timely backups and snapshots occur as well to ensure that your answer selections and content are safe.

Below are some of the features you may choose to utilize while taking your exam:

  • Tool Kit menu: Near the top right corner of the screen, this menu offers two options: Tools and Calculators. Under Tools, you will find options to set alarms and to adjust the text size.
  • If you choose to set an alarm, it will appear at the top of the screen. You can add multiple alarms so that reminders continue to appear as time progresses. For example, you can set an alarm to occur 10 minutes from now or 10 minutes before the exam's scheduled end time. The alarm will make no noise but will visually pop up on your screen when the time runs out. The alarm function is an optional feature that you may choose to use if it helps you track your time spent with each question.
  • You may also adjust the text size. Use the slider to make the question text larger or smaller.


  • Under the Tool Kit menu, you will also find the basic calculator. To close the calculator, select Close Tool Kit at the bottom of the screen.


  • Flags: You can flag a question that you want to return to before you submit your exam. After you flag a question, a flag will appear on the question number in the left panel. 



For exams with text-based questions, you may also utilize the spell check and word count tools.

  • Spell Check: A red dotted line appears below any word that it is not recognized by the spell check dictionary. Please note: the spell check will only check words associated with your computer's dictionary. If your dictionary is not set to English prior to the start of the exam, it will not identify misspelled English words.

  • Word Count: Examplify provides a word count for essay questions just above the answer area. You can access the word count tool by clicking on the page icon. The word count tool includes: 

    • Number of words in the current answer.
    • The character count for the answer.
    • To view detailed information, select the page icon next to the character count. This window provides the total number of words, characters, and characters without spaces. Note: If text is highlighted in the current question, only the selected text is included in the count. If there are multiple essay prompts in the exam, please note that Examplify will not provide a total word count for all answers combined - you will need to conduct a word count for each essay prompt box in the exam then add them manually to determine the overall exam word count.




C. How do I submit my answers in Examplify for my in-class exam?

When you are ready to submit your exam, go to the Exam Controls menu in the top right-hand corner. Click Submit Exam.


  • You will be prompted to click the check box to confirm that you have completed your exam. Then, click Submit Exam.


  • Examplify will instruct you to wait while it prepares your answer file. Please do not close Examplify while this is taking place. If you receive an error message that your upload failed because you are not connected to internet, please click the Retry Upload button. If you are still not able to upload your exam, please bring your laptop to a Records Office administrator for troubleshooting. If your device has trouble reconnecting to the internet on campus, try connecting to UCLA_Web and retry the upload.


  • Please do not close Examplify or close your computer until you receive the green Upload Complete screen.


  • Make sure to turn in your exam materials to the exam proctor and do not leave the exam room until you are excused. 

Congratulations on finishing your exam!