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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Resources: RSS Feeds and Blogs

Articles on PPACA from Pubmed

In addition to biomedical literature, Pubmed indexes many articles on health policy and health economics, and some law review articles and legislatve and regulatory materials.  This feed searches the following terms: "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"[Mesh] OR "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" OR "Affordable Care Act" OR PPACA

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News Articles from Google

This Google news alert uses the following terms: "affordable care act" OR PPACA

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GAO Reports on PPACA

This feed searches the following terms: "affordable care act" OR PPACA

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News from

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Health Affairs Blog

This is the general Health Affairs blog feed. To see articles just on health reform, click here, or select "Health Reform" as a category.

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RAND reports on Health Legislation

Not every article in this feed will be on PPACA, but because it's such a major topic, RAND has been devoting a great deal of attention to it

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Healthwatch from The Hill

Again, not every article here will be about PPACA, but many will be.

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Health Reform Blog

From the law firm McDermott, Will & Emory

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