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English Legal Materials

A guide to researching English cases and statutes, both current and historical.

Historical Case Law

Historical Case Law

1, English Reports, Full Reprint (preferred cite) (1220-1865)

2, This set reprints the nominate reports from 1220-1865.  The set provides a two volume Table of Cases and provides each case's cite in the nominate reports.

3, All England Law Reports Reprint (1558-1935)

4, Contains about 6,000 older cases, including cases reprinted from the nominate reports, the Law Times Reports (1859-1947) (KD 288 A34), and the Law Journal Reports (1822-1949) (KD 288 A22).  An index volume lists cases alphabetically and by subject.  This set includes some decisions not found in the English Reports, Full Reprint.

5, Year Books (1272-1535)

6, The Year Books are the earliest source of English case law.  They are reprinted in the Publications of the Selden Society.  The Year Books are not reports of decisions; rather, they contain debates on the points in issue of cases as formulated by judges and counsel.  Year Books are published according to the regnal year. For specific Year Books, consult the General Guide to the Society's Publications (KD 353 S4 Guide 1960) and its update, A Centenary Guide to the Publications of the Selden Society (KD 353 S4 Guide 1987).  Repertorium Juridicum, an older index to cases in the Year Books, is located in Law Library Special Collections (Delta SB 25.75 F876) (Limited viewing hours - ask at the Circulation Desk).

7, Bracton's Note Book (1217-1240)

8, Collection of about 2,000 cases, in Latin, from the reign of Henry the Third.

9, Placita Anglo-Normannica (1066-1195)

10, Contains cases from the Reigns of William I through Richard I in Latin