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Workshops in the Library Research Series


About this Workshop

This "Learning to Bluebook" workshop will cover important points of Bluebook citations and tips for navigating the rules. Make sure you have access to the current Bluebook (the 21st edition) as you watch the videos!

The online workshop is comprised of a series of brief videos that will guide you through citation exercises in an online quiz.  To participate fully in this asynchronous workshop, please follow the link below to the online quiz and have both the quiz and your Bluebook (online or print) open before you start the video. 

For further reference, selected resources are identified at the bottom of this page.

Watch the Videos!

The four videos available here are of different lengths, but together they total one hour of recorded instruction.  

Video #1 provides an introduction to the Bluebook, and Videos #2-4 walk through exercises in the interactive quiz available at the link in the box below.  

Follow Along with the Quiz

This workshop's videos and quiz are intertwined.  The videos walk you through the questions in this quiz, which are designed for you to answer while watching the videos.  You can access the quiz in this embedded window, or in a different window by following this link:

Additional Resources

Loyola Law School Los Angeles Library -- Bluebooking and Legal Citation Guide.  This user-friendly and detailed guide provides information on creating Bluebook and California Style Manual citations.

Georgetown Law Library -- Bluebook Guide.  This guide serves as a good introduction to The Bluebook and basic concepts of legal citation.

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation.  Cornell Law Professor Peter W. Martin offers this online guide for basic legal citation.