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Workshops in the Library Research Series

Reference librarians are pleased to offer research workshops on various topics throughout the semester. Workshop content will be available here.

Library Research Series - Spring 2021

Our Spring 2021 Library Research Series is underway!  Please see the list for the dates and times of our live Zoom workshops.

Workshop Title Date and Time (PT) Zoom link
Researching for Your SAW Paper or Law Journal Comment Tues. Feb. 23rd, 12:30-1:30 Please see the MyLaw page for recording link
1L Research Efficiency: Tips from the Experts Tues. Feb. 23rd, 5:15-5:45 Please see the MyLaw page for recording link and slides
Research for Transactional Lawyers Tues. Mar. 9th, 12:30-1:30 Please see the MyLaw page for Zoom link to join us live!
[more workshops coming soon!]    

Additionally, asynchronous workshop content (videos, quizzes, tips and handouts) will remain accessible via the 5 workshop tabs in this guide!  You can visit some or all of this content at your convenience. 

And if you have questions, UCLA Law Students are always welcome to email the reference librarians to set up an individual Zoom appointment or ask questions via email.   Please see the MyLaw page for information on how to contact the reference librarian team.

Library Research Series workshop descriptions

Below are descriptions of current and past workshops. 

Fall 2020 Workshops

Researching for Your SAW Paper or Law Journal Comment

Learn methods for researching a seminar or other scholarly research paper. This workshop will assist you in developing and executing a research plan for your paper, including where to research and how to research, with a focus on staying organized throughout the process.

Advanced Searching Techniques

Become a more efficient legal researcher! In this hour long training you will learn how to create effective and efficient searches using various types of connectors, truncation, and wildcards. (If you have no idea what those are, you should definitely come to the session!)

Beyond the Big Two: Alternative Legal Research Tools

This workshop will explore a variety of databases and tools for legal research and enable you to locate and evaluate alternatives to Westlaw and Lexis for your legal research needs.

Learning to Bluebook

Do you have a research paper to write this semester? Are you baffled by the Bluebook? Well, you are not alone. Join Cheryl Kelly Fischer for an hour long training covering important points of Bluebook citations and tips for navigating the rules. Make sure you have a copy of the current Bluebook handy as this workshop is hands-on!

1L Research Refresher Before the Graded Problem

Prepare for the research portion of your LRW Graded Memo in this hour long research refresher.  Need to boost confidence in your research skills before your first graded memo assignment is handed out? Refresh your skills in using secondary sources and locating on-point cases in this recap of the research methods already covered in your LRW class. (Note: the graded memo assignment is under wraps, so no graded memo secrets will be spilled!)

Some of our other workshops

Action Plans to Start Your Research

How do you begin your first summer/post-grad research assignment? With an Action Plan! Create one with confidence after attending this hour long training. Learn how to create an action plan for your research assignments at work. Know where to start your research and how to know when you're done. When you put your plan into action you can present your research results with confidence

Work Smarter, Not Harder

This workshop will combine professionalism, communication, and efficiency tips applicable to working on research assignments.  Come learn how you can make life easier for yourself and your colleagues by avoiding common pitfalls.

Researching Administrative Law

Want to practice in an area of law governed by regulations? Brush up on the basics of administrative law research and techniques for researching and working with regulations.

Research for Transactional Lawyers

Learn about the EDGAR database of SEC filings, and how those filings are used to populate powerful precedent databases that can help you start drafting, compare documents to yours, gain negotiating leverage and more. Workshop will also cover researching public and private companies.

1L Research Efficiency: Tips from the Experts

Learn research efficiency tips and helpful strategies that you can use on more than one research platform. Efficiency tips covered include: How to avoid being overwhelmed by search results; knowing when to stop researching; finding secondary sources that save you time; and making the most of citators. Leave feeling more confident as you begin your Spring LRW Graded Assignment.