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California Legislative History and Advocacy


Bill Analyses

Use the year and bill number to find a legislative analysis of your bill. Committee consultants and the staff of the Assembly Office of Research work together to prepare an analysis of each bill as it passes through the legislative process.  The content of the analysis includes the purpose of the bill, some background information, fiscal impact, and, in the case of committee analyses, support for and opposition to the bill.

A. Assembly File Analysis (1975-present). 

This is the final floor version of the analysis and reflects the bill in the form in which it is enacted.

B. Committee and floor analyses

C. California. Senate Committee on Judiciary. Agenda (1989/90 – 1991/2).

Selective bill analyses for the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in print can be requested from the Southern Regional Library Facility:

Hearings and Reports

Use the following tools to locate any published hearings or reports related to your bill:

A. Search the UCLA Library Catalog using the name of the appropriate legislative committee and keywords from the title.  You may also limit the search to a year or range of years.

B. California Law Revision Commission, Reports, Recommendations and Studies,(1957-) The charge of the Law Revision Commission is to examine the law of California for defects, to consider proposed uniform laws, and to recommend changes to California law.  Only the recommendations of the Commission are recognized as legislative intent.  These are cited by the Deering’s and West’s Annotated Codes.  In older codes, citations are sometimes spotty and mislabeled.  Often the Commission’s annual reports will include legislative committee reports on legislation which the Commission has recommended. The predecessor of the California Law Revision Commission, the California Code Commission (1929-53), also published reports, notes, and drafts of codes.

California Law Revision Commission materials are available in print and on their website:

C. California State Publications