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California Legislative History and Advocacy


California Legislative History on Lexis and Nexis Uni (1987-)

Both Lexis and Nexis Uni include material from LexisNexis' State Net database, a legislative and regulatory tracking database it sells to lobbyists.

As a result, both have coverage of California legislative history materials extending back a few years before the materials on the California legislature's website. This coverage is not complete but is your easiest starting point for starting to compile relevant materials for bills passed between 1987 and the creation of the California legislature's website in 1993.

To search California legislative history materials on Lexis, browse to Statutes & Legislation > California > Select sources to search: CA Full-Text Bills, CA Bill Tracking Reports, CA State Voting Records, California Legislative Bill History, and CA - California Advance Legislative Service, or click the following link:

To access California history materials on Nexis Uni, browse to  Menu > All Sources, then filter to Statutes and Legislation > Jurisdiction: California > Category: Select multiple: Bill Text, Bill Tracking, Public Laws/ALS, then selecting Add ALL These as Search Filters. Or click the following link:

Generally, the easiest option for searching is to search the bill number (e.g., 1023) and then filter to the approximate year. If you don't have a specific bill number, then you can search by keyword. Both Lexis and Nexis Uni allow for sophisticated terms and connectors searching, providing them with an advantage over the free website if you need to build a complex search.