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Academic Standards and Related Procedures - LLM


A. Dismissal

An LL.M. student will be dismissed if at the end of two semesters of work that student fails to maintain a cumulative average of 2.1 in all courses undertaken and completed.  No rounding up of an average below 2.1 is permitted. The grade point average for this purpose shall be calculated without regard to the student’s retrospective decision to elect to have one course graded on a P/U/NC basis (that is, the “shadow grade” actually earned will be included in the grade point average calculation). No rounding up of an average below 2.1 is permitted.

B. Readmission After Academic Dismissal

A student dismissed for scholastic deficiency may be readmitted, or may be readmitted upon conditions, or may be allowed to graduate, upon approval of a written petition to the Dean.  Such petition must affirmatively show that the prior dismissal does not indicate a lack of capacity to complete the LL.M. program. The petition must be accompanied by documentation or other evidence, where possible.  A petitioning student must adequately explain why s/he did not seek to withdraw from school or to postpone an examination or examinations and also must adequately explain a failure to notify the Dean of Students about problems arising during any examination.  The Dean may delegate the power to decide petitions arising under this rule (but not to the Dean of Students) and the Dean or delegate shall conduct such proceedings as seem appropriate under the circumstances including at least a personal interview with the student.  No appeal from the Dean's decision is permitted and the faculty will have no jurisdiction to consider any such appeal.