Skip to Main Content Archiving URLs for Law Review Citations: Setting Up Perma For Journals

How to create and cite URLs for law reviews and journals at UCLA Law

For Vesting Organizations

At UCLA, Perma accounts for Law Journals are created by Sherry (or one of a few other Registrar Users) at the law library. Once your journal has been set up as an Organization and at least one journal member has been set up as a User associated with your journal, then that User can approve others for User accounts within the journal.

After the journal's initial set-up as a Organization, existing journal members should manage the creation of Perma accounts for their journal staff. All journal staff members who need to create permanently archived links will require a User account associated with the Journal.

NOTE: Journal staff should NOT use the blue "Sign up and use for free" button on to request an account. Instead, you should contact your journal's existing Users to request an account affiliated with the Journal. Accounts created using that blue button will not be affiliated with the Journal and will not be able to save links in the Journal folders.