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Federal Administrative Law

A guide to locating regulations, agency decisions and Presidential documents available in the UCLA Law Library and Online.

Proclamations & Executive Orders

  1. Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. (From vol. 1, no. 1 (August 2, 1965))
    Library: J 80 A284 (Level A)(1965-2000)
    Internet: Weekly Compilation via Govinfo (from 1993)
    HeinOnline Weekly Compilation (1965-2009, UCLA only)
  2. Title 3 of the CFR and compilation volumes of Title 3.
    Library: KF 70 A32 (East Reading Room)
    Internet: HeinOnline CFR Title 3 (1936-current, UCLA only)
  3. U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News (USCCAN).
    Library: KF 48 (East Reading Room)
  4. U.S. Code Service.  Advance pamphlets (Library keeps current pamphlets only).
    Library: KF 62 1972 U5 (East Reading Room)
  5. Treaties and other International Acts Series, when they proclaim treaties or other international agreements.
    Library: JX 231 A34 (Level 3)
  6. Federal Register. EXECUTIVE ORDERS ONLY.
    Library: KF 70 A2 (Level M)
  7. Online Sources:
    Lexis EXEC;PRESDC from March 24, 1979
    Westlaw PRES database from 1936
    USCCAN-PROC (presidential proclamations) from 1980
    USCCAN-MSG (presidential messages from 2000, signing statements from 1986)
    PRES-DAILY (daily presidential documents) from 1993

    Compilation of Presidential Documents via Govinfo

Finding Aids for Presidential Documents

  1. Indexes and Tables:
    • Index to CFR and Index to compilations of Title 3.
      Library: KF 70 A32 (East Reading Room)
    • CIS Federal Register Index (1987 - June 1998)
      Library: KF 70 A2 Index (Level M)
    • USCCAN Table 7 lists proclamations, Table 8 lists executive orders, and index lists documents both by subject and under the headings “executive orders” and “proclamations.”
      Library: KF 48 (East Reading Room)
    • New Jersey Historical Survey Project.  List and index of Presidential executive orders: unnumbered series, 1789-1941.  Wilmington, Delaware.  Michael Glazier, 1979 (reprint).
      Library: KF 70 A55 1789-1941 (Reference)

New York City Historical Records Survey.  Presidential Executive Orders, numbered 1-8030, 1862 - 1938.  New York, Books Inc., 1944.

  1. Library:

KF 70 A55 1862-1938 (Reference)

Executive Orders Disposition Tables


  1. Compilations:
    • U.S. President. Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders.  Washington, D.C. Office of the Federal Register, National Archives General Service Administration, 1989.
      Library: KF 70 A473 (Reference)(1945-1989)

      National Archives Site (from Apr. 13, 1945 – Jan. 20, 1989)

    • Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents. Retrospective compilation authorized by Congress in the late 1890s, of documents from the period 1789-1897, with additions through 1913.
      Library: J 81.3 .U5 1912 (Level A)

      HeinOnline Presidential Library (1789-1929, UCLA only)

    • Public Papers of the President of the United States. Annual compilation of documents from the period 1929-present.
      Library: J 80 A283 (Level A)
      Internet: Govinfo Public Papers (from 1991)
      HeinOnline Public Papers (1929-2009, UCLA only)
    • Compilation of Presidential Documents (1965-). Indexed quarterly.
      Library: J 80 A284 (Level A)
      WestlawNext:  A separate database of presidential documents is not currently searchable on WestlawNext.  However, you can locate the compilations by searching within the "News" database for "compilation /3 presidential."
      Internet: Compilation via GovInfo (from 1992)