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Federal Administrative Law

A guide to locating regulations, agency decisions and Presidential documents available in the UCLA Law Library and Online.

Agency Decisions & Reports

The publication pattern of agency decisions can be erratic.  There is no mandated and organized system for the publication of agency decisions; the decision to publish is up to the individual agency.  Some agencies publish all decisions, others are selective.  Private publishers often publish sets of agency decisions, although they tend to be selective rather than comprehensive.

    1. The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. A list of selected published agency decisions appears on pp. 236-248 of The Bluebook (20th ed, 2015).
      Library: KF 245 B58 (Reserve & Reference)
    2. Looseleaf services (see introduction) in various legal specialties are also a good source for administrative agency decisions and informal opinions.  Check Legal Looseleafs in Print New York: InfoSources Pub., 1981- , to see if one is published for any particular field.
      Library: KF 1 S7 (Reference)
    3. Lexis: To view a list of agency decisions available on Lexis Advance, click on the Help screen and then click on "Content Listing."  Choose "Agency & Administrative Materials" to see all sources of agency decisions on LexisAdvance.  To search within Administrative Mateirals, click on the content drop down box under the main search box and click on "Adminsitrative materials."
    4. Westlaw:  To view a list of agency decisions available on Westlaw, click on "Administrative Decisions & Guidance" link under the "All Content Tab."  Then, click on the "Administrative Decisions & Guidance Index" on the right hand side.  Click on any title to search within that database.
    5. The University of Virginia Library maintains a website with links to numerous federal agency decisions--Administrative Decisions & Other Actions--by Agency.