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Bruin Learn Help


What is Bruin Learn

Bruin Learn is the name of UCLA's new enterprise wide Learning Management System based upon Canvas by Instructure. The UCLA School of Law is migrating course pages from MyLaw over to Bruin Learn beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. Note that this change in where course pages are located will not affect your use of other MyLaw features (such as grade book) or Panopto features (such as how you share your course recordings).

Please be assured that while the course site will be moving to Bruin Learn your faculty assistants will still be able to help you:

  • Upload documents and slides to your Bruin Learn site
  • Post the course syllabus and Zoom link
  • Post announcements to students
  • Create seating charts and photo rosters

To learn more about Bruin Learn and IT Service's Center of Excellence that operates and supports the platform, you can visit this site which has useful information on how to get support for Canvas and the other tools integrated within it (e.g., Gradescope, Turnitin and Piazza) as well as links to live and self-paced training, office hours, system status, FAQs and more.

Logging in to Bruin Learn and building your site

To login to Bruin Learn use a browser to navigate to and login with your UCLA Single Sign-in account sometimes referred to as your account or your UCLA login. After you login you will be at your Dashboard which will show Cards for each of your Courses. Click on the card for the course you wish to work on. If you are brand new to using Bruin Learn and would like a quick start handout to using Bruin Learn for your UCLA Law courses please follow the link to this guide.

Getting Help

UCLA's agreement with Instructure (the makers of Canvas which Bruin Learn is based upon) includes 24/7 chat and phone support. To access the Canvas chat support at any time just click on the Help button at the bottom of the Canvas Global Navigation and then click on Chat with Canvas Support (faculty). You can also get help by emailing if your issue is not about a Canvas feature or tool but about items such as student enrollment or access.

canvas global navigation

Campus also hosts daily office hours via Zoom for 1:1 consultations with a Bruin Learn expert

Using Announcements in Bruin Learn

From your course menu you can use Announcements to send a message to all students in the course (both enrolled and waitlisted) by clicking the +Announcement button on the right hand side. After you press the +Announcement button you will get a screen where you can input a Topic Title and an editor window to type in your message. After you type in your message, scroll to the bottom and click Save to send the Announcement.

The Announcement will be added to the Canvas Announcements page and students will also receive a copy of the announcement at their official UCLA email address.

Note, that because students can customize the manner and frequency with which they receive notifications from Canvas, it is a good idea to place a statement about your communication expectations in your syllabus. Instructions for verifying or changing where and how often you receive Canvas notifications can be found here.

In the People section of the course menu you will see a list of users associated with your course. The second column labelled Login ID will list the user's UCLA Login ID which has the same format as an email address but that is not necessarily the address where Canvas users' notifications will be sent.

To see the actual email addresses that were selected by each student, click the New Analytics link on the right side of the course Home page, and then the Students tab at the top of the resulting page.

Downloading student email addresses

In your Bruin Learn course it is possible to download a comma-delimited class roster report which includes student emails. You could use this to create a list for communicating with students outside of the Canvas platform. (Note that using Bruin Learn-Canvas for communication will dynamically update who is associated with your course so it will always be up to date).

To run a Class Roster report click on New Analytics on the right side of your course home page. Select the Reports tab, and click the Run Report button next to Class Roster. This will automatically download a CSV file to your computer that includes each member's name, Canvas ID, UCLA UID, Canvas default email and section.

Adding an auditor to your course site in Bruin Learn

In Bruin Learn it is possible for you to add an unofficial user to your course site without any assistance from system administrators using People from the course menu. Campus provides instructions for this process here. When assigning a role we recommend using the Participant role as it is closest to a that of a student.

Setup Zoom meetings in Bruin Learn

Zoom is integrated into Bruin Learn (Canvas) so that upcoming Zoom meetings can show up in the Bruin Learn calendar. To setup meeting inside Bruin Learn follow these instructions from campus.

Scheduling Office Hours on Bruin Learn

Bruin Learn contains a feature which allows you to create Office Hours that show on your course's calendar, where students can book time to speak with you. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to quickly set up Office Hours by clicking here.

What is the Course Reading List?

The Course Reading List tool on your Bruin Learn course page can be found in the left navigation and allows your students to see the books that are on reserve in the library for your class, including links to electronic copies of books. 


If  you would like additional titles added as optional or recommended resources for your class please contact the library at

(Note: the library, by default, puts at least one copy of every required and optional textbook on reserve for all Law School classes.)