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J.D. Course Selection FAQ


a. I am considering being an LRW Writing Advisor next year.

Students receive five units for serving as a WA.

  • Three units are letter-graded (Law 572A/B). These three letter-graded units relate to students’ performance in the WA Seminar.
    • Student grades are not subject to the mandatory curve.
  • Two units are graded on a pass/no pass basis (Law 346A/B). These two P/NP credits relate to the students’ critiques and other work with the 1Ls assigned to them by their individual professor.
  • Students receive three units for the fall semester and two for the spring semester.
  • Students do not receive any units for serving as a WA unless they’ve completed the full year.

Records will enroll WAs in the units between first and second pass, so they don’t count towards first pass units. Also, the LRW program strives to tell students before first pass starts whether they've been chosen as WAs.