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Academic Standards and Related Procedures - MLS


A. Applicability of UCLA Student Conduct Code

Students enrolled in the School of Law are subject to the provisions regarding student conduct and procedures governing student discipline contained in the separate publication entitled “UCLA Student Conduct Code.” 

B. Cheating, Plagiarism, and Multiple Submissions

C. Report of Disciplinary Proceedings

The School of Law will report to the University for appropriate disciplinary proceedings any misrepresentation by a student of the student's academic record. 

D. Rule Regarding Student Reporting of GPAs

When students report their GPAs either verbally or in writing, the GPA may be rounded up only to the second numeral behind the decimal point (nearest hundredth) (i.e., 3.765 may be rounded up to 3.77, but not to 3.8 or 3.9; or 3.699 may be rounded up to a 3.70). As an alternative, students may state the entire GPA or drop one or more of the three numerals behind the decimal (i.e., 3.763 may be reported as 3.76 or 3.7).  “Rounding up” means that the third numeral behind the decimal point (nearest thousandth) is a 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 which, when “rounded” and then dropped from the GPA, makes the second numeral behind the decimal point one number higher than originally calculated.  Students may not use numbers beyond the third numeral behind the decimal point of their GPA for rounding or any other purpose.

E. Disclosure of Student Records

F. Sexual and Other Forms of Harassment

G. Continuing Duty to Report

Once admitted to the School of Law, a student has a continuing duty to update the information included in the student’s application for admission. This includes a duty to disclose any and all omissions from the application for admission, and it includes a duty to disclose any and all conduct and events that occur after submission of the application, if such conduct or events would have required disclosure in the application for admission. This duty of disclosure continues until the student has graduated or formally withdraws from the School of Law. Students must disclose upon the occurrence of the event (e.g., an arrest) and cannot wait for resolution of the matter before disclosing.  Failing to make the necessary disclosures described herein, or disclosure of conduct in violation of university policy or federal, state or local laws, may result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of an offer of admission or dismissal from the university. Disclosure should be made to the Executive Director.