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Academic Standards and Related Procedures - MLS


A. Course Load Requirement

For Course Load Requirements, see Program Requirements.

B. Procedure for adding a course

The deadline for adding a School of Law course to one’s study list is the end of the first week of the semester.  The Executive Director may permit a student to add a course within three weeks after the deadline, provided that the student presents, in writing, a reasonable (in the sole discretion of the Executive Director) explanation for not having met the deadline and has instructor consent.  In the case of late-starting courses, the Executive Director will have discretion to approve schedule changes through the end of the third week of the late-starting course.  Students who wish to add a course after the relevant deadline has elapsed shall be referred to the Standards Committee.  The Standards Committee will grant such petitions only upon a showing of unusual circumstances.  

C. Procedure for dropping a course

Any M.L.S. student, by written notice in the form of a drop petition submitted to the Records Office, may drop any of his/her non-experiential courses (subject to the restrictions enumerated herein), so long as dropping the course does not reduce his/her course load below three (3) units, which is the minimum number of units all M.L.S. students must undertake per semester.  A course may be dropped at the earlier of the following:  1) a date specified by the professor; 2) last day of instruction; or 3)  before submission of any required interim course work that comprises a portion of the final term grade.  

D. Courses with time conflicts

Students may not take courses with time conflicts.