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Law Library Stressbusters for Fall 2023

Your guide to the Library's in-person stressbusters, some fun virtual options, and exam prep help.

Fall 2023 Stressbusters Programming Schedule

UCLA Law Library Fall 2023 Finals Stressbusters Program Schedule

  • Therapy Dog Extravaganza! from BARK Reading Therapy Dogs* on 11/15 from 11am – 1pm. We have 7 dogs scheduled to visit with us this day! Come for some pre-holiday stress relief.
  • Mini Therapy Horses* on 11/28, 11am – 1pm, The amazing, adorable, ever-popular minis are returning. Not to be missed! The horses will be in the Library and the Shapiro Courtyard.
  • Button Making on 11/29, 12pm – 2pm. Stop by the Library Entrance and we'll make the button of your choice! You can create your own using our blank template (we'll supply crayons, color pencils and color pens) or use one of our designs.
  • Therapy Dogs from UCLA PAC* on 12/5, 11am – 1pm. We love our friends from this incredible on-campus program! The dogs will be in the Library and the Shapiro Courtyard. We have the always popular AbbyIzzy, and Hermann confirmed, plus we have a new friend joining us, Bart, the Brussels Griffon!

Beginning 11/27, we will have giveaways at the circulation desk--stop by to see what they are! We also have lots of productivity items available to help you with studying, such as ear plugs, bookstands, back supports, seat cushions and more...the MyLaw Special Circulation Items page has the complete list. Plus, we will put out games and activities on the Library first floor, including things like coloring pages, origami, lego, and more!

*We are so grateful for our therapy animal partners!!!

Therapy Dogs, 12/5, 11am - 1pm

Button Making with the Library on 11/29, Noon - 2pm

Therapy Horses, 11/28, 11am - 1pm

Learn more about the Mini-Therapy Horses on their website and follow them on Instagram!

See more photos of Blue Moon and Pearl on the Mini-Therapy Horses "Meet the Minis" page!

Therapy Dogs, 11/15, 11am - 1pm

We had the most amazing visit with the BARK Reading Therapy Dogs! Many, many thanks to all of the generous BARK volunteers who visited with us. We posted a few photos on our Instagram!