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Classics in International Trade Law

Collection of classic articles in international trade law, selected by Professor Richard H. Steinberg

Accessing Paid Databases- UCLA Affiliates

If you are a current UCLA student, faculty member, or staff member you can access the articles on paid databases by enabling your VPN, according to the instructions below:

If you are an alumni of UCLA School of Law, you can access many (but not all) of the articles through the library's alumni account for HeinOnline Law Journal Library. For assistance, please contact Caitlin Hunter,

Accessing Paid Databases- Non-UCLA Users

Non-UCLA users should be able to access most articles through the VPN or proxy for their own university library and may be able to access some articles through their local public library. For instructions, please check the website or contact the librarians for your own university or local public library.

Broken Link?

If any of the links in this guide are broken, please contact Caitlin Hunter,

To access the article before the link is fixed, search for the title of the article in Google Scholar: