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Immigration Enforcement and Criminal Adjudication: Introduction

This library collection is intended to help researchers interested in local criminal justice policies governing the treatment of noncitizens.

About This Collection

This library collection contains policies and procedures from county prosecutor's offices, county sheriffs, and local city police departments that address immigration status and immigration enforcement. Four California counties are included: Alameda, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Ventura.

The policies featured in this library collection were obtained with public records act requests submitted by Professor Ingrid Eagly of UCLA School of Law during the summer of 2015. The policies are analyzed further in a law review article: Ingrid V. Eagly, Immigrant Protective Policies in Criminal Justice, 95 Texas Law Review 245 (2016). Sarah McAlister provided excellent research assistance in compiling this library collection.

Please cite to this collection as: Ingrid V. Eagly, Library Guide, Immigration Enforcement and Criminal Adjudication, University of UCLA School of Law,