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UCLA School of Law Externships: Supervisor Resources


 Fall 2021: Important Dates and Deadlines

Externships Begin

Week of August 23

Midterm Evaluations Due 

(link to written portion of evaluation here)

October 8

Final Evaluations Due

(link to written portion of evaluation here)

November 26

S.A.T.R. (Supervisor-Approved Time Report)
Upload Schedule for Externs

October 1

October 30

November 26

December 10 (if any)


How and When to Approve Student Timesheets

As you are likely aware, we are rolling out our new, app-based timesheet software this semester. The process will likely have some kinks. One of the hardest things to build was a way for supervisors to easily approve timesheets. We are still working on it. For now, you will receive an email each month from your student that auto-populates with your student's time entries. Please review carefully, and respond to that email stating your approval. The student will print out your response and submit the pdf as their "Supervisor Approved Time Report."