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Animal Law Research Guide: Regulations

The Animal Law Research Guide provides guidance for students researching animal law and advocacy, as well as the discussion of animals in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, gender and women's studies, environmental studies, and literary theory.

Researching Regulations Involving Animal Issues

Researching state and federal regulations is very similar to researching other sources of law, and the Law Library has several excellent guides to assist you in such research. For guidance on researching federal and state regulations, please visit our Federal Administrative Law and California Administrative Law guides.

Another great resource is Westlaw's Multistate Animal Law Regulations (MAML-ADC), which contains animal law administrative codes from all fifty states and the District of Columbia. If you are researching federal law, try Westlaw's Federal Animal Law - Code of Federal Regulations database (FAML-CFR), which contains provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations that relate to animal law.