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Animal Law Research Guide: Introduction

The Animal Law Research Guide provides guidance for students researching animal law and advocacy, as well as the discussion of animals in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, gender and women's studies, environmental studies, and literary theory.


This Guide is intended to assist researchers interested in studying animal law and related subjects, such as animal rights and animal welfare.  The pages herein provide suggestions for resources to locate relevant case law, statutes, regulations, articles, news, and books.  The final page of the Guide lists links to freely available online resources that animal law researchers may find of interest.

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Featured Books and Articles

Did you know?

The Animal Law Program at the UCLA School of Law is supported by a generous endowment from television personality Bob Barker.  As fans of the Price is Right know--thanks to his signature send-off, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered"--Mr. Barker has been a tireless advocate for animals for many years.  Discussing his gift to the law school, Mr. Barker noted

"Animals need all the protection we can give them.  We intend to introduce a growing number of law students to this area of the law in hopes that they will ultimately lead a national effort to make it illegal to brutalize and exploit these helpless creatures."

Mr. Barker's gift to the law school ensures that animal law courses will continue to be offered at UCLA each year.  For a list of animal law courses offered, please visit UCLA School of Law Professor Taimie L. Bryant's course page.