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California Administrative Law

Information on locating California regulations, guidance, administrative decisions, and executive orders and proclamations online and at the UCLA Law Library.

California Governor Executive Orders & Proclamations

The California Governor issues both proclamations and executive orders. Proclamations tend to be ceremonial in nature (e.g. declaring Veteran's Day or Native American Heritage Month), while executive orders tend to order some sort of agency action (e.g. ordering agencies to engage in bulk purchasing of generic drugs or inventory available sites for affordable housing). 

The California State Library provides free scans of historical executive orders and proclamations from 1850 to the present and is currently working to transcribe them for full text searching:

Executive orders and proclamations are also available at the law library in microfilm:

Other Materials by the California Governor

Since 1991, governors have been required to deposit their papers with the California State Archives. Even before 1991, many governors chose to deposit their papers with the California State Archives, university archives, or research institutes. The California State Archives provides a guide to locating governors' papers:

Additionally, the California State Archives also includes materials from the governor as part of its collection of legislative records:

Similarly, governors' veto messages, signing messages, and other communications with the California legislature are often reprinted in the Journals of the California Assembly and Senate. In particular, at the beginning of each two year legislative session, the governor delivers a message to the California legislature that is reprinted early in the Assembly and Senate Journals for each session. Complete Assembly Journals are freely available online from the Assembly Office of the Chief Clerk:

Finally, the California State Library has created a page with introductory information on each California governor: