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Historical U.S. Full-text Electronic Sources: U.S. News & Articles

The main part of this guide lists full-text searchable databases of historical U.S. and English legal and non-legal sources. The smaller boxes include links to research guides, government sites, databases indexes, and other Internet sources.


UCLA or UC Databases

 •  ProQuest's Historical Newspapers (UC only):

  • May combine historical databases and search together (but cannot be searched in combination with ProQuest's non-historical databases.
  • Full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue.
  • Cover to cover coverage, includes advertisements, classified ads, comics and political cartoons.
  • Search features are the same in each database: Basic and Advanced; Limit by date range, document type and author name; Issue Browsing.
  • Use of Boolean operators, truncation and wildcard characters.
  • Print or download in PDF

Internet Sources